WBO Organized Play: Battle Data Record Spreadsheets

So those of you who have ever actually met me at an event probably know that I keep a journal of all my battles, including opponents, the battle score, and Beyblade customizations used. Supposedly, some other players have also picked up on this habit as well. While it may be tough for some people to keep track of each detail of their battles between judging or hosting responsibilities, the information can be useful to see combo trends in certain areas and to make more educated guesses at what an opponent will use. It also provides a way to see the non-Winning Customizations, or what the top three/four had to fight through to get there.

Here are my spreadsheets as of 6/28/15:
all things MFB

Not much else to say here, except that if anyone else records all their battles in detail could they create and link a similar spreadsheet. If anyone could suggest a more convenient format for the spreadsheet that makes it easier to read that would be nice too.
Awesome! If I wasn't constantly hosting, judging, or filming at our tournaments, I would absolutely be doing this myself. In my opinion, any serious player should have a spreadsheet like this.

One suggestion: include a column for the date of each event. This will help to provide context for why a user was using a particular combination. Someone who is looking at this and doesn't know when each event occurred might be confused when they see X outclassed combo was used when in reality it was competitive at the time.
Good idea, I added the dates. It should be for the most part correct (besides errors with Metal Faces, not listing a certain mode, or confusing similar parts like CF/GCF or 85/90 here and there).