WBO Logo?

Is there a picture of the WBO logo that people can use for making banners and posters?
I usually just copy the logo from the main site and cut out whatever is behind it, I have some saved if you would like them.
If you can PM me them it would help me a lot. Thanks. ^^
How about T-shirts?
For my tournament? For now, it's a little bit too much. Maybe if I have more successful tournaments and have the money, then I would make shirts. But for now, it's only posters and stuff.
We cannot really make T-shirts though ... Although, I suppose we cannot stop people from taking the initiative if nothing goes to us.

You could also contact me for the actual logo.
what font is used for the WBO header
(Oct. 03, 2010  2:53 AM)username2130 Wrote: what font is used for the WBO header

For "WBO", the font Brawl is used and for "World Beyblade Organization", Planet Kosmos is used.