WBO Jobs

I heard that some bladers are making money off their talents battlling at WBO tournaments. How do I get in on the action. I think I have the skills.
The WBO is a non-profit organisation, so no-one should be making money from WBO tournaments.
ControL_s SouL_
Jobs? The only jobs on the WBO are being a Moderator or an Administrator... And you don't even get paid, because the WBO is a non profit organization.
I'm guessing he's talking about the prizes from winning tournaments, which isn't a job, it's just participating.

And even then, I don't think prizes involve cash Uncertain At least I've never seen that and I'm the bro of an admin...
All prizes have been bey-related, I believe.
Except the muffin Smile But seriously you don't get jobs here and you won't be paid the Mods and Admins are here just because they love the site.
I figured it was a bunch of bunk but hey when your broke you can't help but ask. Does anyone know where I can get a Fireblase beyblade?
This isn't the place to ask, read the "Stores with beyblade in stock" thread in the Beyblade Market place.

Depending on where you life, it would probably be in your local TRU, Target etc.
As was mentioned, nobody makes money here, unless they sell their Beyblades. All the money the World Beyblade Organization gets is sent right into its Paypal account and funds are always used either for payment directly related to the site or to the community.

We are adamant that Beyblade cannot become a game of gambling. It is a hobby we all take seriously and competitively, however it will always be a game that is supposed to be oriented towards kids, and as such the prizes for winning at one of our tournaments cannot consist of money.
I didn't mean to upset any one. My friend told me that their was some tournaments that you could go to as a pro blader and earn prize money and like I said when your broke you can't help but ask. THis site was on his list so I thought I would check it out. And about what you said about beyblades being geared twords kids does that mean that their is an age limit on who can inter the tornament because I am almost 24 years old.
For our tournaments no, there is no age limit. With Hasbro's though, there is one.