Unreleased Game Blade Revealed!

Today I went to a random beyblade competition and saw someone using this:
I just went like WTF!!
this is the new blade that's going to be released in Japan a few months later.
here's the official site for this blade and the game: http://www.hudson.co.jp/beyblade/ds3/
can somebody tell me whats the name of this blade?
It is Bakushin Susanoo 90WF. It is unbelievable that somebody would already be using it.

So the Wheel was really made of metal ?

Also, could you repost this in the Bakushin Susanoo topic ? Two threads are not really needed.
There's a thread for it. The name of the game is the name of the blade. Just look it up. Also did it show any defence potential?
Yeah, post that in the Bakushin Susanoo 90WF thread. Discussion can be continued there.