Unprocessed tournaments

Kind of still new here and getting to know how everything on the site works? Why are there so many unprocessed tournaments? What’s the average amount of time before an event is processed and the bits and points are granted? I’ve even been looking for a metal fight tourney we did back in April and can’t find anything. Hard to know where everyone truly is ranked
This has been an ongoing issue for the past 2 years I think? Ever since the new website launched there have been issues with certain features missing and one of them was tournament processing. It has now been fixed which means we're only waiting on organizers to submit everything that comes with hosting a tourney so we can move forward. Soon the committee will release new rules about tournament processing for organizers which will ensure they submit tourney results within 14 days or else they will have to deal with consequences. So hopefully once that rule comes out everything will catch up to the present and make any other future tournaments get processed a lot faster than the time it took to processed the past 2 years of tournaments.