[Unanswered]  obscure MFB special edition l drago

Hi guys, I have been searching and I don´t find any useful info regarding one MFB L-drago that I cannot seem to identify properly, let´s see if you can help me.

from what I gathered is L-drago gokuryu ver (or assault ver), which is black and red. the problem resides in that I believe there are 3 different beyblades under that name.

the normal l drago gokuryu (which I think it has even made it to burst) in random booster vol 17

a quite rare METEO L drago that is also black and red:

and the one I´m interested which is a L-drago assault (the variant from the box that has the 3 l-drago energy ring variants)
I´ll paste here all the links that I found with photos.

some of these have a blue facebolt, other purple and other black, one even has a facebolt stiker with glitter (that I don´t think is from any normal release so I´m tempted to say it´s the original sticker) did it come with everything or just the energy ring which track and bottom (all seem to be different)? some of these look like the special energy disc with other parts from the normal l drago, not the original complete special release.

Any info is welcomed, thanks guys.
It was a free gift included with corocoro along with Perseus stamina white Knight version
EDIT: ok so apparently in the corocoro magazine special box, the only items that came were the energy rings: the white perseus (white knigth ver) and the black and red l drago assault (no tracks tips or stickers).
most of the people I found online who got the rings built the stock combo with it so it appeared like there was more parts distributed, but there is not an oficial combo for those 2 rings only the recolored parts.

The onbly thing that still standing is where do the special foil stickers in l drago assault (black and red) come from, custom??

Thanks 4DFury for the answer, I did a little search and I found an unboxing video of both beys which was very helpful.

But if got more confusing, the stickers DrigerGT shows in the unboxing are the regular Lightning L drago and the regular perseus (but these Wbba specials are l drago assault and perseus stamina) so these stickers are not supposed to fit in the beys.

Apart from that I have this image that shows foiled stickers that are specifically for the assault wheel

The only option that I can think of (since I watched a live unboxing and I have to believe it) are:

Takara tomy sent those stickers out of lazyness and the foiled ones from the second photo are custom.
He got the wrong stickers somehow and there really are special edition stickers which I know nothing about

(Even searching in japanese with my very límited use of the language shows no further info)

Thanks guys.