[Unanswered]  from which height do u launch a burst beyblade and tip wear.

as a person who never had acess to original beyblade products, i always wondered from which height do u guys launch the beyblades in to the stadium i am talking about burst beyblades in a burst stadium.also i wanted to ask if one launched the beyblade from a greater height then how much damage is done to the driver.i had fake mfb beyblades and their sharp tips like Semi defense,Wide defense would wear very fast and become flat maybe that could have been caused due to the fact i played with them on hard surfaces but could someone tell after how much use their sharp tips like revolve or ball tips like orbit bcame flat?
I usually sit down and launcher them at elbow height, but i only have Hasbro beys and they're made out of way softer material than Takara ones, so even at little height they still get damaged and dented
Well I depends how you launch because different launch styles launch from different heights.
Also your launch height also depend on the launcher and grips you use