[Unanswered]  What happens when you activate limit-break?

And how do you know that it has been activated?
How to know that it's have been activated:
For Burn ring,you can see the bey have more blue than before while it's spins

Volcano ring,is kinda hard to notice but you can see more red colour,same case as burn,but harder to notice

The End ring,the pinkish is very clear

What happened when the limitbreak activate?
It have more gimmicks...Burn= Bigger blades, Volcano= Spring loaded blades.now ten blade mode ,The End=free spinning ring
wants to learn more?watch beytubers Zankye, Beybladegeeks,etc,etc
(Apr. 29, 2021  10:05 AM)GhostFox Wrote: Thx btw which do you think is best?

Volcano no doubt