[Unanswered]  Unite

So I've heard around the forums how pretty much every driver with rubber on it will wear down eventually through use. I'm curious how long it takes for unite's rubber outer part to wear down. Can Anyone who owns a storm spriggan tell me how long it took for your unite rubber on the  driver to wear down?
In my experience, it takes about 15 battles for it to wear down to the point where it won't flower pattern when you do a sliding shoot. By then Unite will have lost its attack potential and becomes a KO resistant driver. Basically it's useless after 15 battles.
try using a hasbro mold they usually dont wear dont wear dont easily my takara tomy model wore down after a good 18 battles but my  hasbro mold has been through an uncountable amount of battles but has barely worn down that much
For me I have the Hasbro Storm Spriggan and it took around 40 launches for the rubber to get worn and when I use it to battle it normally stays in the middle.
S2 was one of my first Hasbro burst beyblades and I just recently hit the sweet spot between crazy attack and stamina. It takes a while. Yet again it depends on usage.