[Unanswered]  Tournament Recommendations

Does anyone have any tournaments recommendations for someone that's trying to get in to the scene?
Tournament recommendations? Although I dont participate myself, Ive talked to a enough tournament-goers to have a general idea. Im not sure if youre talking about attending or hosting one — Ill give some attendance tips since hosting one is more of an organizer’s thing to answer

If possible, try to attend the nearest tournaments (if you view the WBO’s list of tournaments). But sometimes, the nearest one could be hours away due to distance and traffic. There are some dedicated people who drive hours to get to the tournament theyre going to, which is perfectly fine as well. Any tournament works, really — applying for organizer is a whole other process if you want to make tournaments in your area

Assuming we are talking about WBO-approved ones, then follow the tournament and the WBO’s rules. And dont come off as a jerk or seemingly-entitled person while youre there. Thats how you “get in to the scene” with a good first impression — people will like you if you come off as good