[Unanswered]  Strange white dust on Z Achilles

Hello, so yesterday i received my Z Achilles and i noticed something weird: the top of the left metal blade and the space between it and the plastic are covered by this kind of white-ish dust. It can't be removed with some scrubbing, i managed to take a part off of it with a cutter. Do you think it's normal? Maybe it's just an aesthetic thing, i'm worried about the metal itself. Can the metal be less resistant/tough because of that?
Thank you.
Pics? Is it a fake?
(May. 16, 2019  7:24 PM)OldSchool™ Wrote: Pics? Is it a fake?

Hi oldschool! No, it's not a fake. I can't take any picture right now, i believe it could be a factory "accident". Maybe something wrong happened to  the melten metal while the layer was in its mould (it's an A1). The blade is perfectly shaped and the rest of the layer is ok.