[Unanswered]  Performance tip merge' is good?

Quite nice in mint condition due to the rubber's aggression, sucks badly when the rubber is worn-down
Merge is outclassed by Xtreme' and Hunter' in terms of attack, if you are trying to use it like CS in Mfb then you have unite. Merge' only makes it harder to burst
The rubber wears out too quickly to be serviceable, the center spike makes it very inconsistent in Attack and the shape of the rubber creates too little stamina for Defense as well

Now if they released Unite', that would be a different story
everything posted above is certainly true

but i like pretty much any driver with rubber in the cho-z context at least for fun

if your definition of "competitive" boils performance down to 1 or 2 top tier parts per category, merge/merge' is not there

but like i said any driver with rubber is a lot more interesting on a heavier set up