[Unanswered]  Must buy tt beys?

So just now getting back into this after a long while. All I had were the original set of beyblades and some random ones i can't even remember. I bought the ultimate tournament collection, then found out hasbro isn't the best and my sword launcher died in 15 minutes. Just looking for some direction on what beys are good to have from tt. I never even knew there was a difference until yesterday. I have a lr string launcher on the way as well. If it helps I prefer attack style.
Winning Valkyrie and Shadow Amaterios are good for attack. Hell Salamander and Bloody Longinus are also good, but Hell Salamander has an attack and defense mode, so the attack one isn’t as good, and Bloody Longinus is best for left spin attack. I also recommend Random Booster Vol. 12 Dead Hades for attack if you’re willing to take the risk of not getting the prize bey, but most of the parts in the random booster are good.
Current tournament must haves:

Archer Hercules for the Layer and Eternal Driver

Hell Salamander for the Layer

Revive Phoenix for the Layer and 10 Disk (maybe Friction Driver)

B-121 Beyblade Burst Cho-Z Triple Booster Set for the Drivers and the 7 Disk

B-123 Long Beylauncher Set for the Xtend+ Chip (though you'll need an Xtend Driver for it which comes with Z Achilles)
Sadly I dont think anyone around me plays. I posted in the north American section but havent gotten any replies.