[Unanswered]  Joining a team

I want to join a team to but no one in my area likes BEYBLADE what should I do
i have been asking that same question can we start ligitiate cluds for turniments in our own areas
My advice to starting a club in your area is to go for it. Maybe create a club/team thread in the Community section of WBO. You’d be surprised who else might be in your area & interested in joining. I’d also recommend taking the organizer’s quiz so you can host official WBO tournaments in your area.
Ok but I’m new to beyblade

So help me out here
ok but i have ti be 18 i am only going to be 15 in july
(May. 22, 2020  8:44 PM)SuperDragonRose Wrote: Ok but I’m new to beyblade

So help me out here 
Sure. What other help do you need?
Like any good launch techniques and need other combos
Here’s a good WBO video about launching techniques


For combos, it would depend on what you have. You’d need to list your parts. If your looking for help with which beys to purchase, use the Purchase Consultation thread.

I’d also suggest reading through the Winning Combinations thread. That’s a great place to get an idea of what combos and parts are currently part of the meta.