[Unanswered]  Dragoon MSUV vs Current meta

So just in theory

how good would lets say Dragoon msuv hold up against the current burst beyblade meta? or just in general the beyblade meta (whatever that is nowdays)

how good would MSUV be against the new generation of beyblades?

just curious and wanna know the answer while im stoned

thx for any answers!
Well, you can't compare the two in my opinion. Burst will be at a disadvantage because they have a tendency of you know... to "burst"....
And Dragoon MSUV should be strong against them. It's just a three click game from the burst beyblades. 3 clicks and it's over.
But I doubt that maybe Cho-Z beyblades will stand a chance. Even Sr. They maybe stand a chance.
But other dual and god layers have no chance.
I don't know. Dragoon MSUV sits much lower to the ground than every bey in the Burst Series, and even when I did battles with just a regular Dragoon MS against most Burst beys, it would either knock them out or burst them because it would attack the disc and driver instead of the layer. Since MSUV moves way faster and has much more overall power then MS, I think it would beat out a lot of the more competitive beys in the Burst meta, even in it's stock config. If I had one to battle with, I would do it myself, but I only have one and I paid 150 bucks for it, so it would physically pain me to use a bey that rare for such a menial battle.