[Unanswered]  Challenge for bladers: give me 3 beys that did not have another part from another bey

(Jun. 01, 2019  9:18 AM)gIronFace879 Wrote: If I am aware, 0 was banned, Boost was banned, Variable was banned, 6 was banned, vortex was banned, Reboot was banned, Storm Spriggan was banned, Victory valkyrie was banned, Legend Spriggan was banned, god Valkyrie was banned, Strike god Valkyrie was banned, Ultimate Reboot was banned, Spriggan Requiem was banned, Zeta was banned, meteor was used once but trans was doubled, 2 was doubled where loop was used, under was used once but hunter was doubled, 8 was doubled where flow was used, flugel was doubled where cross was used while 4 was doubled where bearing was, 5 was doubled, star was put against 5 and guard, nine was banned, Spiral was banned, lost Longinus was banned, Nightmare Longinus was banned, Atomic was doubled where bump was, 7 was banned, merge was banned, knuckle was banned, unite was banned, Infinity was doubled where cycle and weight was, jaggy was doubled where 3 and hit and force was, 1 was banned, iron was banned, zephyr did not appear, yielding was where gravity was doubled, and counting any significant characters that had their bey parts first name be the blader’s First name, this typically puts up the fact that whatsoever, there are only three beyblades in the manga+anime series where the beyblades were counted while Fusion was doubled where quarter was used, Accel and oval are banned while outer and blow and assault and massive and down and Xtreme and Defense and Quake and Survive and Claw and Edge and *I’m gonna stop right there*