[Unanswered]  Bey Suppliers in Australia?

Heyo! Just getting into beyblades and was wanting to get my hands on a Hasbro Turbo Spryzen S4.

I've seen that they're currently available in Canada (and assuming the US also), but I'm located in Sydney Australia and I'm just wondering if there are any suppliers out here?

I understand that Spryzen S4 is a pretty new bey so it might not even be out in my region, but from all my browsing around the newest one I've found (to my knowledge) is a single Turbo Achilles A4.

Please don't suggest I just buy Tomy. I'm only buying this for the Wall frame and this would most likely be the least costly way to get my hands on it.

Anybody know any suppliers?
Nothing new we will probably have to wait a few months to get thoses beys. The latest wave of beys we have gotten was wave 2 so yea
True so i guess you have to wait for Turbo Spryzen.