Try to make a competitive combo with only Dual Layer and Single layer parts!

(Jul. 31, 2018  6:27 AM)OZMIC BLINK182 Wrote:
(Jul. 27, 2018  5:00 AM)bladekid Wrote: Hasbro J2.G.U amazing defence type

What is U again for the drivers??? I like J2 too, Cycle worn 
 Out a bit is pretty dope too along with 4 Glaive

Unite, its great for defence.

Hasbro W2.K.P, Diometes D2.M.X, G2.G/A.U/O, A2.S.G, Orpheus 02.G.T, O.K.D, R.G.X, E.H.D, R2.H.S. thats all I could think of right now.
Xeno Xcalius vertical zypher

Storm Spryzen/Spriggan Level Jaggy

Victory Valtryek/Valkyrie Heavy Revolve
Lost Longinus metsu Eternal
Kaiser Kerbeus.Heavy.Revolve is good