Ummmmm.... What is this supposed to be???

Mage and ~Mana~ I summon you!
its not Trident its PEPSODENT
(Jun. 14, 2018  8:13 AM)GOD CHIPS Wrote: its not Trident its PEPSODENT

Firstly, Trident is a bey's name and secondly, don't add to this thread...
I know its a bey's name ( skrew trident is its evolution form and is owned by Toko aoi ( who is the brother of Valt aoi )
The bey ( ST )first came as a prize bay later it came as a booster volume B-104 ( or b-103 or b-102 , i have forgotten it)
This beyblade will come as a recolour in the Random booster 11 package whose prize beyblade is WEISS LEOPARD.