Trading X:D Bottom & VariAres D:D

Hi Guys I Am Trading A Used XGrin Bottom And A Used VariAres DD They Are both in a very good condition since i have only used them both just a week.

I live in Australia

For XGrin I want a 4D beyblade Part/Parts Or A whole 4D beyblade

Images Are Here
Top -

Bottom -

I am trading VariAres For a 4D Beyblade/Beyblades other than:
Big Bang Pegasis FD
Blitz Unicorno 100RSF
Diablo Nemesis XD
L drago Destroy FS
Fang Leone 130W2D

If you Wander my Variares DD and my XD bottom are takara tomy

Please PM Me An offer

also if you want i am trading yugioh cards For beyblade Things
Cards -

And i am also trading 2 Used FD bottoms
FD Bottoms -
You already have a topic for this ...