Trading NIB Hasbro Super Vortex Set. Come Hasbro Limeted Pegasus and Gold L-drago.

I am trading a Hasbro Super Vortex set. It comes with a gold Lightning L-drago and a blue storm pegasus. When September rolls along I will send the person with the best deal the set. To ensure that I am not a scammer please don't send me your offered trade until you receive the Super vortex set. Beys will come with their respective HASBRO launchers.
This doesn't make sense... Do u even have one right now?
I have already CONFIRMED getting one for my birthday. It is August 4th. The reason I made this thread was because I could get more deals to choose from by making this thread ahead of time. I am just being ahead of time. I am not scamming since I told people not to send their trade in as soon as they I confirmed the trade.
Don't make a thread until u get one.........,..