Tournament Report for Beyblade Colosseum 2: Return of the Champions

Hey guys it’s Thunder Dome here and this will be a report for Beyblade Colosseum 2: Return of the Champions. It was a really intense event and I hope you’ll enjoy hearing what happened.
So to start things off we had a different venue than usual, we actually we at a frozen yogurt shop called “Kickin Kiwi”. Kickin Kiwi was awesome for letting us host there and stay there were around 3-4 hours. Not to mention the frozen yogurt was amazing and the members were really nice.
We had 13 players sign up for the event, now it doesn’t seem like a lot but if you looked at the player list the tournament looked pretty loaded with skill. We had Stormscorpio1, geetster99, ZachBob, Solcreus, TigerofTheWest, TheBlackDragon, Dark_Mousy, DefStamina88, smallfry9730, BladerB28, BladerLight, OntheDL and myself. Although the number was a bit low considering this was the follow up to 2013’s Beyblade Colosseum, but I think the competition was definitely there and I know everyone had a good time.
Since we just went over the participant list let’s go over the blocks! So in block one we had TheBlackDragon, Dark_Mousy, DefStamina88, smallfry9730, BladerB28, BladerLight and OnTheDL. In block two we had Stormscorpio1, ZachBob, Solcreus, TigerofTheWest, geetster99 and my self. After an intense round robin TheBlackDragon went out of his block 5-1 and Dark_Mousy came out of that block 5-1 as well. In block two we went through a crazy round robin with a lot of surprises, it even had to have a tie breaker round, but after all that Stormscorpio1 rocking a 5-2 record and myself with a 4-3 record had moved on.
The finals was pretty diverse with a pretty decent amount of attack, stamina and defense flying around. After the finals round robin we had to do two tie breakers: one for third and one for first. Dark_Mousy and TheBlackDragon played it out for third, TheBlackDragon emerged victorious. Next the final match, Stormscorpio1 against myself. It was super intense as I thought the match was heavily favored for Stormscorpio1 but with a little thinking and a little luck I emerged victorious.
My final thoughts of this event was just “awesome”. Great food, friends and battles, what an awesome day for a beyblade fan. To add a little more to this article the winning combinations will be put directly under this and my matches will be put under as well to give you a little look at everything I had to go against.

Thunder Dome (1st)- Duo Aquario 230 MB
MF-F Duo Cancer SA165 (Stamina Mode) EWD
Killerken Dragooon BGrin
Killerken Dragooon BD145 RDF
MF-F Death Leone BGrin
Stormscorpio1 (2nd)- Duo Cancer 230 MB
MF-F Duo Cancer BGrin
MF-H Flash Scorpio S130 RF
TheBlackDragon (3rd)- MSF-L Girago Dragooon SA165 (Attack Mode) EWD
Girago Girago E230 MB
MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang BD145 RDF

Now it’s time for my match ups!

1st Round in Block Robin against TigerOfTheWest (Loss 2-3)
So going into the game I assumed TigerOfTheWest would use his normal combinations. He usually throws out random low-mid track synchrome stamina, occasionally an E230 MB custom or Flash attack. I decide to play it safe since it’s round one and attach Duo Cancer SA165 (Stamina Mode) WD, sadly I couldn’t find my EWD prior to the match and the WD essentially cost me the game. He uses Killerken Dragooon BD145 EWD, now you really don’t see this combination too much although it did it’s job pretty cool. I lost 2-3, all the games were either a tie or one of us out spun the other by a few rotations. I was a bit nervous at that point after losing round one, but I decided to not give up just yet.

2nd Round in Block Robin against Stormscorpio1 (Win 3-0)
Stormscorpio1 hardly ever uses a Dragooon combination so I felt really save going into the game with Duo 230 MB. When we both reveal our combinations I see Flash attack, I was a bit surprised as I was expecting a Duo custom, but after seeing his track I was a little less worried. He used D125, against 230 that doesn’t really do much. I got the game 3-0 just because his track was low and it was hard for him to KO me, my metal ball was slightly aggressive as well so that also played a part in me winning. I was a bit more upbeat after this game knowing that I was back in this.

3rd Round in Block Robin against ZachBob (Loss 0-3)
This was ZachBob’s first tournament and since I actually hadn’t really seen any of his game’s prior to this besides his first, all I had to base off of was that one game. I thought it was save using Duo 230 MB once again since I wasn’t positive he had Dragooon or not and in his first game he used a synchrome on E230 MB. As we reveal my heart just kinda stops as I see Dragooon SA165 EWD, I lose 0-3 if you couldn’t already guess. I was a bit disappointed at 1-2 and basically thought it was over for me, but when I looked at the bracket for our block everyone was either 2-1 or 1-2 excluding ZachBob so I basically had to win every other match and hope a few people take some losses.

4th Round in Block Robin against geetster99 (Won 3-2)
Geetster99 is always a tough player to go against, he uses a variety of combinations and knows how to use them all fairly well. I used Killerken Dragooon BGrin because I didn’t expect Duo Stamina from him and thought I would basically have a shot against anything he could throw out at that point by using it. He intended up using MF-L Phantom Cancer 85 MF. After the first launch I noticed my LR launcher had began to skip, which really sucked. I got OS’ed pretty easily due to that. Basically for this match I was completely reliant on trying to make some form of early connection with his and considering mine wasn’t really to mobile, it was pretty challenging. I got two KO’s and one OS with that method, although I did get OS’ed once while missing the early game connection which drained my own spin down.

5th Round in Block Robin against Solcreus (Won 3-0)
This is the final round of the block, whoever wins this would have a chance of being in the finals. All day Solcreus had basically been using Killerken Dragooon BD145 RDF. Instead of trying to oppose Killerken Dragooon BD145 RDF since it’s such a versatile custom and I didn’t want to risk it too hard when this match could lead to the finals, I decided to use Killerken Dragooon BD145 RDF. I felt really save with this going into the game and it paid off. After the first launch I felt fairly confident due to his RDF being worn, which wasn’t very good since we were both going in the same spin direction so I was able to OS him pretty easily with my newer RDF.

Block Tiebreaker against ZachBob (win 3-0)
So it turns out our block would have a three way tiebreaker between ZachBob, Stormscorpio1 and myself. Going into the game with ZachBob I was almost certain he would use Dragooon SA165 EWD again after seeing him use it every single match besides his first. I end up using MF-F Death Leone BGrin because it can consistently beat Dragooon customs, I find it better than Duo at beating Dragooon actually. I made the correct call and he used Dragooon stamina again. I got the win 3-0 and was a step closer to the finals.

Block Tiebreaker against Stormscorpio1 (loss 1-3)
Well Stormscorpio1 had just defeated ZachBob in there tiebreaker so this match was essentially just for points as we were both going to the finals anyway. We both have the same idea that neither of us would use Dragooon and it becomes a Duo 230 MB mirror match. Having a slightly aggressive MB was terrible in this match up, It seemed like his just got much more stamina than mine since he had a fairly new MB. I couldn’t really do much about it and lost the game.

Finals Match against TheBlackDragon (Win 3-1)
First match of the finals and I was ready. TheBlackDragon doesn’t really use Dragooon that much so it was another moment where I felt Duo 230 MB would be the safest choice. He ended up using MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang BD145 RDF, which is a pretty intimidating combination at times. The 230 plus aggressive MB actually led to me avoiding a lot of his attacks and hits, then I would OS in the late game.

Finals Match against Dark_Mousy (Win 3-0)
Okay so I was like 110% of all the combinations Dark_Mousy would try to use on me after seeing a decent amount of his games and knowing what he usually uses. He would more than likely use, Genbull Genbull F230 CF, Dragooon F230 CF or Duo SA165 EWD. So I attached Duo SA165 EWD knowing I would be able to beat all of those and the only thing that would be kinda rough is if we would have played the Duo SA165 EWD mirror match. He ended up using Genbull Dragooon F230 CF, his only real chance of winning the game was to KO me as he couldn’t really out spin me. He never got the KO due to me launching in different areas of the stadium to dodge his initial hit and I won the game.

Finals Match against Stormscorpio1 (Loss 0-3)
So this is it, the big match. Stormscorpio1 was currently 1-1 and I was 2-0, if I won this I could win the whole event, if I lost we would have to do a tiebreaker. I was thinking that he would mix it up and use Dragooon finally after I had used Duo 230 MB all day so I decided to attach Duo SA165 EWD again. To my surprise he pulled out his Flash attack custom again, but upped the track up to a S130. My combination basically got ragdolled and KOed every time with ease. Time for a tiebreaker!

Battle for First Place against Stormscorpio1 (Win 3-2)
This was it this time, we would be playing for first place. I convince myself he would probably not use attack a second game in a row and probably go for Duo 230 MB expecting me to stick with Duo again or change to a more defensive combination which he would out spin. I decide to take a slight risk since Stormscorpio1 loves Duo BGrin so much and attach Killerken Dragooon SA165 (Stamina Mode) EWD to my launcher, feeling I could take out everything but Duo stamina and attack. He ends up using his Flash attack again which really through me off guard. The first two rounds he KOes me across the room basically. I was actually getting a bit worried about this game, but I knew I could pull out a win. I remember that weak launching is a valid strategy, especially considering how heavy I was and end up winning the next game off that. Once again I do the weak launching technique in the fourth game of our battle and I end up getting three wall saves, I felt kinda bad about it but sometimes the game just works like that. The last game wasn’t as intense as the previous due to him getting a bad launch and I ended up winning off of that. This was probably the most intense battle I had all day, really wish we could have gotten it on film or something, but it will always be in my memory.

This event was fantastic and I’m so happy I got to type up a report about to share with everyone, hope to see some other player’s event reports in the future!
Thanks for posting this in so much detail! I admit, as someone who's not familiar with MFB, the matches were difficult to follow haha

13 participants is honestly a really great number, I'm so glad you were able to pull it off. Tournaments with food always seem to go better ...