Tournament Report: Worlds of Sport Convention (Day 1 & Day 2)

This is a tournament report for both Worlds of Sports Convention events. These events took place at the Oregon convention center in Portland Oregon on 6/18/22 and 6/19/22

(Day 1)
A few months ago Kei sent me a pm saying a representative from the Worlds of Sports convention wanted to have a beyblade tournament at their event. I was the closest organizer to Portland at the time and agreed to host 2 days of tournaments. Everyone on the Worlds of sport team is amazing! I want to give a big thank to Anna, Mike, Michelle, and all of the other staff that helped plan and run everything.

This convention was pretty big. There were a lot of fun booths and raffles. Speaking of free raffles I would also like to thank for supporting our tournaments and community with free prizes. They made it out to the event as well and it was a blast.

We had more players compete on the first day. This was a burst 1v1 tournament.

In my first round I played against one of our regular judges PokeLynx . She is a skilled blader and uses roar very well. Later in the day she also played a cool cyclone combo on bearing' that helped earn her a spot in the finals. I got the win but it was a fun match and Pokelynx keeps getting better each time we battle.

Next I was pitted against ItzDro . I was worried about this match because he had recently made the top 4 in a Washington tournament. He used a powerful guilty combo on Xceed'+z i think. This match was scary, The wall must have saved me a half dozen times. Itzdro is very skilled with guilty and how to launch it. Luckily I was able to get the win with bearing' on devil. (no bursts on bearing today was a blessing)

Also, in this event, many people played either xceed' or zone'. Sometimes without z or x. I dont know if it's a trend just here in the pnw but i have seen much more zone' and xceed' at recent events. I am starting to like xceed a lot more as well, It is a decent alternative for attack types if you are tired of self ko'ing with xtreme.

This event also saw a fair amount of the new RB parts being played. Fortress was probably the mvp of the new parts although high eternal was also present but not meta shaking.
Interestingly nobody used their kerbeus core that much. I think it might see more play on gatling or xiphoid.

Later in the day I played against Oblivion Crysis . Once again we had a super close match. He is one of the main Oregon judges and has very creative combos. It was a close match but I was able to squeak out the win. I think it was 3-2 but i cant remember what combos we used exactly. Oblivion is always getting better and consistently makes top 8, dont underestimate him or you might find your bey knocked out pretty quick.

Next I played against the famous Jake Jones . He made me a custom db stadium and also made a crazy double level stadium. He also has a yt channel of the same name so check it out if you want to see some custom beyblade content. He is also one of my main rivals in Oregon. We always play against each other in the finals. However Jake took the win this time. His launch with dynamite was much better and my layer was pretty scuffed at that point from guilty matches. Congrats Jake, your same spin skill simply schooled me.

Here are your top 8 for this event: 1. Jake Jones, 2. Zektor, 3. Itzdro, 4. Pokelynx, 5. Oblivion Crysis, 6. Dmaster1292 , 7. @"phoenix981" , 8. Diamond Blader .

In the top 8 we had 3 battles that went all the way to 4-4. Everyone who made top 8 should be proud, It was a very tough fight for the top 4 spots. After all the intense battles the supreme 4 for this tournament were Jakes Jones, Pokelynx, Dmaster1292, and I.

Dmaster1292 and I had a crazy finals match. After inspecting the others decks we came to the conclusion that only one combo in each of our decks would have a clear advantage over the others. He played Guilty over xceed I think and I played Prominence on Mobius. We only played these combos for all 5 points. In the first game he won by out spinning me. Nani!? How could Xceed on guilty beat prominence on mobius in stamina? We called replay after replay until the final score was 5-3. We had knockouts and ties left and right. This was very fun and at times very frightening. Thanks Dmaster1292 for the skillful match and congrats on pulling the best Xceed ever manufactured.

Next I played Jake Jones in the finals. This match was also a great one. Jake Jones started with the lead of one point. I switched to devil and got one point back. Then he switched to his dynamite combo that had beaten me with in the preliminary matches. Somehow I was able to win this time in same spin and took the lead. I think this is where jake switched to his attack type. I got 1 point then after a replay I lost one point. The score was 3-2. Then I switched to Vanish and that earned me one more point. I think jake called a replay after that. We had one tie but then Vanish Giga Metal Drift earned me my final point to win the match. The final score was 5-3. Once again I want to thank Jake for an epic match. I always have to think outside the box when I play against him. He is one powerful blader no questions asked, no doubt about it.

After a fun match Dmaster1292 took 3rd and Pokelynx got 4th.

This event was amazing, the venue was incredible, the players brought their a-game and best combos. What a great event!

Also I must give a Maximum Garuda sized shout out to our judges for this event. Thank you so much even if you only judged one match, you are the people behind the scenes that keep the tournament moving at light speed. Thank you Pokelynx, Oblivion Crysis, Lowquality29 , Dmaster1292, Lyriq , ItzDro, Jake Jones, and Diamond Blader!

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and made it out to this con. We got invited back to host another event next year at the Worlds of Sports Convention 2023! Also a fair amount of people walked up and expressed interest or nostalgia for the game. Im glad this event went well and was able to bring more attention to our community. Hope to see you all next year!

(Day 2)
Day 2 marked the start of my first team event ever. I remember reading about the team events when I was studying to become an organizer; but I have not had the time to host one until now.

We had 15 people for this event. This meant we broke up into 5 teams. These are your five teams to root for:

1. Blood Lotus: A creative team consisting of Oblivion Crysis, Pokelynx, and Surgemaster. They specialized in powerful rouge combos that caught many opponents off guard.
2. The Blade Breakers: Classic gen enthusiasts Jake Jones, WhiskeyTango, and Lowquality29 made up this team. They had good combos and great control of their beys.
3. Team Shadow Demons: The brothers Pheonix981 and absolutenoob teamed up with Thelavaking to form a team of never before seen bladers. No one knew what to expect.
4. The Lakers: ItzDro, Lyriq, and Beybladebro formed a powerful alliance. They had the best of both worlds with their attack and stamina combos.
5. Team Squidward: Diamond Blader recruited myself and his buddy BeyNova to form this team. We like spongebob.

Because we had never played this format before, it took a few rounds to get used to it. After the first few rounds everyone understood the format. They started forming strategies for who they would send out first and what beys they would use.

I like this format very much. To quote one player "it is like we are part of the deck (in deck format)" And I agree with them. It is very fun to rotate players and beys to find the best working formula.

There were some interesting battles and matches. Unfortunately I am too tired from this weekend to recall most of them. Sorry this tournament report is not more in depth but I could barley remember to bring my bey to the stadium that day.

For the finals match it was Team Squidward VS The Blade Breakers. The Blade Breakers sent out Lowquality29 first, we sent out Beynova. Somehow beynova got the win Gulity on wave. I think he won from stamina but I am not sure, Lowquality had vanish on zone'+z. Next we sent out Diamond Blader, then they sent out whiskeytango. I think this match was very close earning both teams at least 2 points. If I remember correctly Diamond Blader got the win. Last up It was me against Jake Jones in the final match (again). He got the win but I think I managed to earn one or two points for my team. In the end the score was 7-5 with Team Squidward taking the win.

All of the other teams did amazing for their first time playing this format.

Also I must give another Trypio sized thank you to the judges at this event. We could not do it with out you: Lowquality29, ItzDro, Lyriq, Diamond Blader, Pokelynx, Oblivion crysis, Jake Jones, WhiskeyTango!

I hope to host more team events in the near future. I would like to see some sort of state team leagues but I know that is kinda far off in the future.

Once again thanks to everyone who participate this weekend! Thanks to the guardians, vendors, event staff, and security for making this event possible.

Cant wait to do this again next year!

Here is a google drive link with pictures and vids from this weekend: