Tournament Report: WBBA 3on3 Seattle! 1-14-23

This is a tournament report for WBBA 3on3 Seattle! 1-24-23. It was an 18-person swiss event in Tukwila WA.

To kick off the new year I decided to host a wbba 3on3 event. A huge shout out to @"Blader_101" for providing the wbba rule book. We did a similar event on Christmas but we played in b-33 stadiums. This time we played traditionally in DB stadiums. A big shout out to Akajumo and Longinus_master for bringing their DB stadiums as well.

Myself and Mejdouli played hms in the shin ta before the event. I love that stadium and I can't wait for our plastics event in them later this month.

We had 22 players sign up and 18 people participated on the day of. This meant swiss brackets which are somewhat rare for our region at this time of year. Events here normally cap at about 12-14 during Christmas. Hopefully, this is a sign that we will have more players and growth this summer. The weather was great, with plenty of sunshine and not much wind it was a great day to let it rip.

Instead of recounting my wins, I would like to highlight a loss I took at this event. In round 3 I played against Mstpwrfulblader . Our 3on3 game went to game 5 where we both had 2 points. I was playing Wind Xcalibur spread Hxt+ 9. He was playing Rage Longinus stock, I believe. He had previously scored a knockout from this match-up earlier but I was confident I could win. At the very last moment, right before his bey ran out of steam, it smacked me into the pocket from downtown. It was my only loss of the day. I think the lesson I learned is to not underestimate any player or bey. He was younger, the bey was older, had fewer pockets, and I still got knocked out. Never let your guard down bladers.

Wind was the most played beyblade by far at this event. I think everyone in finals used it in their deck. Bdr was the most played driver. I favor the DB stadium but it can hurt attackers for sure. I like the 2-point ko bc it feels harder to do in this stadium as well.

We had a 5-way tie for first going into the finals. The top 5 had a 4-1 record. This event felt pretty competitive even though it was not ranked. Your top four ended up being:
SuperSkerple A dad and his first time in finals
Longinus_master A blader who has been to one of my events before. This was also his first time in finals.
Mejdouli Local veteran blader, always in finals, and rare hunter.
And myself.

I ended up winning after some very tough matches. Congrats to everyone who played it was a fun battle and day of blading.
This event was a great time and I really enjoy hosting wbba rules in DB stadiums. I wish I could host it all the time but people also like to do ranked wbo which is understandable.

I would like to give a DB stadium-sized shout-out to for sponsoring this event! Check them out, they have an amazing website and great prices. Also a huge thanks to our judges Akajumo, Mejdouli, CodyDragonLane , and Axe_launch .

Here is a picture of the raffle winners:
[Image: 325589610-583348389789675-5295297178318716035-n.jpg]