Tournament Report: WA's BeyDays 5-28-22

This is a tournament report for WA's BeyDays 5-28-22. This was a burst standard ranked event located in Tukwila, WA.

This was my first time hosting a beydays event. We had 26 players and many friends and family show out. A huge shout out to the 6-8 Oregon players we had drive up for this one. The weather was mostly overcast all day. It started raining during the finals. Everyone is a champion for playing it until the end in the cold.

This event had a few issues but overall it ran very efficiently. To start things off I accidentally put a players name in the brackets twice. We had to start the event over, after a few matches had already been played. Also we ended up running 4 stadiums. Luckily Dmaster1292 had brought his b-33 in a box with drawer liner, just like the ones we had, and he said we could use it all day. Also near the end a player thought he had lost his wallet. He was very chill about it and found it in his car later. Thanks everyone who helped look for it.

We decided to do burst standard 1v1 into wbo deck finals. 26 players gave us 5 rounds of swiss.

It was interesting to see the representation of attack types at this event. I think guilty and ultimate were the most played. Surprisingly we saw a lot of Roar Bahamuts in the first stage as well. This event was on the 28th, so no one had any of the new rb parts yet.

In my first match I played against Beybladeinferno . I dont remember his exact combo but i think it was union achilles universe. I played Devil P F-gear Over Bearing' for most of my first stage matches. I brought out the old red devil blade for this event but It might be getting too damaged to play soon. There is stress at the base of the wings and I can tell it will break any day now (my second broken devil blade). Guilty hits hard people, dont play with a blade in an event unless your ready to have it break. Good job to inferno it was a fun match.

For round 2 I was pitted against Dmaster1292. He was one of the bladers that drove up from Portland. We played against one another at the legend of curly's bey event in the first round. This was a fun rematch. I cant remember what Dmaster played but I do remember we had a lad match. Dont underestimate his skill, I got the win this time but I will not be surprised if he is in the top 4 at the next event.

Next in Round 3 I played against my friend Xorn23 . He is always trying out cool combos and expanding his collection. Once again I cant remember what bey he had. Maybe ultimate or Roar? Sorry but between calling matches and looking for lost wallets my memories of that day are fuzzy. I won but later in the finals Xorn and I got paired up for an interesting rematch.

I dont want to talk about round 4. I have nightmares from round 4. In this round I lost with a score of 1-4. Akajumo is the best guilty player I have met. His flower pattern hits hard. In the first game we played he burst my devil bearing'. I cannot remember the last time I was burst in a preliminary round. It was scary. I won back one point with a spin finish and thought I might have a close comeback. Wrong. The next game he burst me again for a 4 point win. I dont know what I could have done differently besides change my launch. Akajumo is very skilled player.

In round 5 I played against Lyriq . He also played a guilty combo but this one utilized giga and xceed'+z. I was able to launch into the center more consistently in these matches and it payed off. I think our score was 3-1 but I could be wrong. Congrats to Lyriq, he did very well in his first tournament.

After all the rounds finished we took a break to set up the next stage of the event and raffle. A few kids brought a football and that was fun. Once again this event had our prizes sponsored by They are a local beyblade retailer here in the PNW. I can't thank them enough for supporting our community and events.

Finally the finals are finally here. We had so many good players at this event. In the end these were our powerful top 8; 1st Plot Armor went undefeated with 5-0. Next Akajumo in second place with 4-1. 3rd place was myself with 4-1. Then close behind me was Zbuster with another 4-1 record. ItzDro got 3-2 earning him the 5th spot. Next It was Xorn23 with his 3-2 record. Lyriq took 7th with 3-2. And finally AnkoTheYonko earned 8th with 3-2.

Before I could make it to top 4 I got to play Xorn23 again. This was the hardest match of the day for me. For starters I played Galaxy Zues on drift. This was a huge mistake. I love Zues but it does not have much burst resistance. Xorn was playing an ultimate combo on v gear and burst me in the first game. Why do i keep getting burst today? Then he took another point with his prominence on moment i think. I was down 0-3. Luckily about half way through I realized all of his combos were right spin and I had roar on drift in my deck. I switched to roar and sat on it until the points evened out. I cant remember how the rest of the match went but I barely got the w. It was a stressful match but that means it was intense so thanks for the great games Xorn23!

After all was said and done we had 4 players left to brawl for the gold. The supreme 4 for this event were Akajumo, Plot Armor, ItzDro, and I. Akajumo and I had a great game, I switched my deck back to my old combos that I know well. I got the win but Akajumo is one of the best players in WA without a doubt. Plot Armor and I had a fun match but unfortunately his Rise driver self ko'd a few times. I came in 1st, Plot Armor got 2nd, Akajumo 3rd, and ItzDro in 4th. (ItzDro did very well considering this was the first event he had ever played in. He is a blader to watch out for in the future.

This was an amazing event. It was the largest event I have organized and I think it is due to BeyDays. I feel very fortunate to work with this great community of parents and players.
This was also one of the fastest events I have hosted. This was thanks to our incredible judges; Plot Armor, bananapriestess , Akajumo, and Diamond Blader . We started the new tournament at 1pm and we finished round 4 at 2pm. 4 rounds done in 1 hour! I definitely recommend any organizer run 4 stadiums if they can, It makes the 24+ events much faster. Also the new consecutive draw rule came up twice and seemed to work out fine and speed up the event.

I think our next event in Seattle will be in early July. Also check out our upcoming convention event in Portland! A big thank you to everyone that attended and participated! Hope to see you all next time!

Here is a link to a google drive folder with videos and pics from this event:
Super fun tournament. Looking forward to the next one!