Tournament Report: Seattle Invitational 9-18-22

This is a tournament report for the Seattle Invitational. This is also my first ever tournament report.

I attended this tournament with the other 2 members of my team Dmaster1292, and ItzDro. Every blader at this tournament was top tier. The format was P3C1 for the prelims and deck format in top. It was a group round robin tourney with 16 bladers total. Naturally, both groups were stacked. 

My group consisted of myself and the following bladers:
[*]Jake Jones - This guy makes the coolest stadiums! Oh, and he also happens to be one of the best bladers in PNW! (Make sure you go sub to his YT channel!)
[*]The young champion ItzMJ – Also one of the best bladers in the PNW and good friend of Jake Jones.
[*]The young prodigy Aiden-songco – This kid is hands down the one of the best bladers in the PNW, and the fact that he is so young makes it even more impressive.
[*]Master Dante – Another young, up and coming blader. If there’s a tournament in the Seattle area you are almost guaranteed to run into Master Dante, but when you do, watch out!
[*]AnkoTheYonko – Another young star! I played against him in my first Seattle tournament and won by sheer luck! Did I luck out against him this time? Keep reading to find out!
[*]The silent assassin ItzDro – Member of the PDX All Starz, Top 10 Blader in the PNW, and most consistent tournament performer on the team. Don’t let his quiet nature fool you, this guy wants to burst your bey!
[*]The man, the myth, the legend – Zektor! The #1 Ranked blader in the PNW!

Talk about a stacked group! Sheeeesh!

The other group featured players such as Plot Armor, Akajumo, and my good friend and fellow PDX All Starz team member Dmaster1292. All top 10 players. Xorn23 was also in this group. I predict he will be cracking into top 10 here soon (if he hasn’t already).

Shortly after the groups were made, we started the first round!

In my first match I played AnkotheYonko. I decided to go with old faithful, Dynamite F Over Bearing’. To my surprise, he threw a curve ball at me by going with Guilty Fafnir Giga Hxt’! I was a little nervous because I’ve actually tried this combo before, and it is actually really good against bearing’ combos. Hxt’ proved to be too much for my bearing’ build as he ended up taking the W 3-1. He out spun me all 3 times. I didn’t get so lucky this time, darn!

In the next round I faced off against Itzmj. I was really excited to play against ItzMJ! I decided to go Vanish Longinus Over Bearing’ since he had 2 right spins and a Vanish combo on Zone+Z. He ended up going Vanish Longinus on Zone+Z. The stamina on bearing’ was too much for Zone as I won 3-1 in an exhilarating stamina mirror match!

In round 3 I faced off against the young prodigy Aiden Songco. I was really nervous about this one because Aiden was my only individual loss in the prelims of the recent team tournament. His creative combos and blading skills left an impression on my whole team as we discussed how good he was on our way back to Portland. He went with Dynamite F Tapered Bearing’ on high mode and I went with Dynamite F Over Hxt’. Right before we started the first round of the match, he decided to switch to low mode. I ended up winning by OS’ing him, but this match was a lot closer than it looked on paper.

In my fourth match I played against the man himself, Zektor. Prior to the match I had predetermined that I was going Vanish Longinus Over Bearing’ but ended up swapping out to my high mode, wheel drift variant due to extreme Dynamite/Wind fears. This proved to be a mistake as this variant is an auto loss against any left spinning bey. Zektor ended up going Vanish Bearing’. The match was pretty much over at this point as I proceeded to lose 3-0.

For my 5th match I played against Jake Jones. You would think I learned my lesson from the previous match with Zektor, but……I didn’t! This match was an exact replay of my previous match as I ended up using my Vanish wheel drift combo and Jake used the exact combo I just lost to, Vanish on Bearing’. Note to self; never use Vanish Wheel Drift in P3C1!

In my 6th match I played against my fellow team member ItzDro. At this point there was no way either of us were making it into the top cut, so I decided to have a little fun. I threw in a Guilty Bahamut Hxt’ combo into my deck (shout out AnkotheYonko lol) to essentially force him into going dynamite so I could counter with Vanish. He did end up going with Dynamite, but I didn’t stick to my plan. I decided to use Guilty instead of Vanish last minute as I thought Guilty would be more fun and the stakes were really low. I ended up winning the first point by OS’ing him. I got a good laugh out of it, but then karma struck as I proceeded to overlaunch and self KO 3 times in a row. Sad face.

In my seventh and final match I played against the prominent blader Master Dante. I hadn’t used Prominence all day and it was looking at me with those big puppy eyes, so I decided to take it for a “spin”. Pun intended lol He ended up going Guilty which is a great match up for my Prominence. I think I won 3-1 but it was a close match overall.

My overall record was 3-4 at the end of the day. Not exactly what I was going for, but I had a lot of fun and gained a lot of experience from my losses. Dynamite and Vanish were running rampant at this event, and the new Wind layers came in big in the finals. In the early stages of the tournament, I was running Vanish Bearing’ which won me the match against ItzMj, but I made the fatal mistake of switching to my wheel drift high mode variant. This variant works really well in deck format and even in 1-2-3 format, but for P3C1 it’s not the greatest.

Overall, the tournament was super fun and competitive. Shout out to Zektor for organizing this tournament and congratulations to our top 4 bladers Xorn23, Plot Armor, Jake Jones and our new Champion ItzMJ. I look forward to organizing tournaments in the near future. Maybe someday we’ll have a Portland invitational!

Thank you for reading, and if you would like to check out the video version of this tournament report, including a deck profile, check out my new YT Channel by clicking on the link below! See you all next time!

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Im gonna add my "mini-report" here instead of making a new thread.

This event was hands down the most competitive event I have played at (no disrespect toward any other event or region). Hosting an event with all top 4 players raised the skill level of this event greatly. For context, to make top 4 at this event, one would need a record of at least 6-1 to make it into finals without risking a tie breaker. This was the first ranked event in a while that i did not make top cut. It was an honor to play against so many talented bladers. I learned from my losses and will come back stronger next time!

The seeding of group round robin is fine but BR often does not reflect the skill level of the blader. I wish we could have found 1 more player for Swiss format but that is how it goes sometimes.

The venue was hot without the schools canopies. It cooled down later in the day and aside from some sports kids playing music loudly it was a good spot to blade. The pizza and soda was my favorite part. We have never had food at one of my events before (not including the convention food at wos). Also It was great to see so many legendary bladers, from different areas of the PNW, all at one event. Thank you to for sponsoring this amazing event!

Congrats to the top 4! Great write up and video Lyriq!