Tournament Report: P3C1 Seattle! 11-26-22

This is a tournament report for P3C1 Seattle! 11-26-22. This was a 14 person, ranked, bst event in Tukwila WA.

Once again we braved the cold and met at Crestveiw park to spin some beys. The weather was cold and overcast but thankfully it never rained or sprinkled. I wore 2 hoodies, a hat, and gloves and was still cold. Freezing mist and wind chill is an issue here in the winter. The park was okay again but i think we are all getting a little tired of this venue. It used to be much nicer but the city has removed some amenities due to the reduced visitors in the winter. I am currently looking for an indoor venue to host our future events.

We had many returning players and a fair amount of new ones as well. We ended up having 14 people and did 7 rounds of group round robin. Each player had 6 matches with one by. I think guilty was the most played bey at this event.

For my first match i made a bad pick and lost 0-3. I was up against ItzDro . For context he had a powerful guilty on bdr combo in his deck that i lost a previous event to. I made a prominence on mobius combo to counter this bey if i encountered it in the event. I should have picked vanish but when I saw guilty in his deck i picked mobius. I lost the match but i did not lose to guilty on bdr so im fine with this outcome lol.

In my second match I lost again to Axe_launch . This was a wind on bdr vs vanish on bearing' match. We switched modes several times and it was 2-2. I should have stayed in high mode but thought switching back to low would help. It didn't. Axe_launch won, it was a very skilled match and he earned the win.

Next I had a rematch against Goodnight . Goodnight is a skilled blader with awesome combos. I went with wind on bdr and he chose divine on drift. If i would have chose any other bey in my deck i would have lost ( vanish and dyna on drift). I got very lucky with that pick bc drift is not the best in same spin. I got 3-0 but it was not due to skill, sometimes in P3C1 we just get bad/lucky match ups.

My next adversary was Zbuster . I always look forward to playing with Zbuster bc he attended my first event and is still an active player along with his friend axe_launch. I Think we played a vanish bdr vs vanish hxt+ match. I think Hxt+ is generally better in same spin but i was still worried bc a good bdr is a scary thing. I got the win but Zbuster did not make it easy for me.

Finally I played against DimBlader001 . He is a returning player who went to one of my events last year at Seward park. We had a VERY close match. It was 2-2 and we accidentally launched on 2 before the judge said ..1..go shoot. He knocked me out almost instantly but the judge granted me a reshoot for the bad timing. He almost knocked me out again with his guilty combo but wind manged to hang in there. Dimblader is definitely a blader to watch out for in the future, he is very good with guilty. He also won the raffle!

This was the last match i would play today bc i did not make the finals. I tied for finals but lost the previous tiebreaker with AL.

CodyDragonLane faced off against Axe_launch in the semi finals. Vanish on Bdr is pretty good in deck format. I think cody switch to guilty once but used his vanish for the other points. It was 5-0 for cody but Axe_launch is always in the top cut or nearby and some days you just have bad match ups. Both bladers did awesome!

Itzdro and Mejdouli clashed for the other finals spot. it was 4-2 in itzdro's favor and we had just called a tie. I think everyone thought mejdouli would lose but then something crazy happened. So for context each mejdouli and itzdro had one bey that would pretty much counter rest of their opponents deck. It became a vanish on bdr vs Greatest Raphael on drift match. I dont know if mejdouli got any wins in lad but he knocked out Raphael at least twice. Mej won the match with 5-4. It is always exciting to see a comeback like that! Itzdro is one of the best bladers in the PNW, both bladers played very skillfully.

Finally it was mejdouli vs codydragonlane for the finals. Mejdouli took the win with 5-3 I think.

Thank you to all of the balders who came out and braved the cold with us. Thank you to Lyriq for running the challonge and essentially co-hosting with me. Thanks to all of our judges and parents. Hopefully we will be indoors for my future events!

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Man, I wish I was there that sounds really fun. I love P3C1 it’s really fun and it’s a gamble overall. Congrats to everybody who went and it seems Cody has gotten really good from the last time I battled him. I can’t wait to battle him again. Anyways I hope you guys had fun and imagine not having an indoor venue with heaters. (/j?)