Tournament Report: Gumu Gumu No: Super Red Roc!!

Cant sleep so i will post a tournament report instead: This is an overdue report of Gumu Gumu No: Super Red Roc!! A 12 person 1v1 BST ranked event in Federal Way Washington on 11/12/22.

I was running late to this event and barely made it with the time extension provided. This was not great because i was the one bringing the stadiums for the event. Luckily Lyriq brought some as well. This event took place at a Public Library. They have a great meeting room away from others and perfect for this sort of event. 10/10 spot overall with ample seating, parking, and amenities.

This event was hosted by the tenacious UnseenBurst . Somehow he gets this amazing venue for free! Also he did a great job managing the matches and judging the event. If your in Washington I would highly recommend attending one of his events. The playing environment is much nicer than the freezing parks i host at lol.

We almost had to play 10 rounds of round robin but thankfully Jdubious (dad of HunterV ) stepped in to make 12 players and reduce the event time by at least an hour. I was so grateful that I loaned him a DB launcher and a Guilty Bahamut Over Quick' 4. This turned out to not be the best idea per the norm XD He proceeded to tie for finals but didn't make it unfortunately.

In round 1 I faced off against Lloydaso9 . He was a new player and managed to get a sleeper victory against my bey Wind Sword (wind xcalibur). I won the next games in the match but overall it was a fun one and lloyd did great!

Round 2 was a rematch with my rival and fellow host UnseenBurst. I chose VERY luckily for this match. I felt like switching to my Twizzler Dragon (vanish Longinus) on BDR. This proved to be the right choice because UB used a powerful Roar combo on drift. If i chose any right spin bey i would have had a very tough time.

Goodnight was my opponent for round 3 and I was not ready. At his first tournament debut he played his powerful guilty combo with great skill. Great launch and power. I won the match but barely. He knocked me out and nearly burst me twice! Goodnight is definitely an upcoming blader to watch out for.

Round 4 proved to also be challenging. bladee was the next player standing in front of me. For those unaware bladee is part of a powerful group of bladers from the Fife area. They recently attended one of my events and i was very impressed with all three of them. They are also the champions of their school's bey club. I cant remember what bey he used but we had a close match. I got the win but I would not be surprised If i see him in 1st next time.

Finally for my last prelim match i played against my friend astronoon . I let him borrow a few parts and he played them very well. I got the win but AN keeps getting better at each event I see him at, good job!

The finals match was Zektor VS Lyriq. Lyriq is one of the best bladers in the PNW hands down. I am always nervous battling against a player this skilled. He knows where and how to launch and also has VERY creative rouge combos that can destroy your meta picks. After many matches it was 4-4. I had the choice advantage and chose dyna on drift. I over launched and that was all she wrote. Lyriqs awesome Guilty on BDR combo knocked me out and he took the gold. That was one of the toughest matches I have had in a while. Congrats my friend but dont think it will go the same way next time >Grin

Rematch issue: I feel i should address and apologize for what happened. Their was an issue regarding two players and a "rematch" that occurred while i was judging. Without going into too much detail, there was a complication with their match that affected the outcome of finals. I would like to apologize for any confusion or mistakes i made while judging. I am going to re-read the guide/rulebook and strive to make sure my calls are as accurate as they can be moving forward.

After all was said and done i think this was a very successful event. I know i sound like a broken record but the players out here keep impressing me beyond belief. Players are showing up with cool combos, unique launches, and great sportsmanship! When I first started hosting, events seemed much easier to win. Now I am not sure if i will even make top 4 at most events. It makes me proud to see everyone playing their hardest and smartest out there!

A huge thank you to everyone who judged and to UnseenBurst for hosting this one! Also shout out to Samuurai for traveling down from BC and representing Vancouver! I forgot how nice it is to relax/play and not handle the challonge haha!
Easily the hardest match I've ever had! Great job to everyone that came out! The tourney was a ton of fun. DB did a great job organizing. I hope to see everyone on the 26th!