Top five anime (Please Elaborate)

i might not list them in order because they are all good

Naruto: awesome creativity for all the jutsu (even though there are still some that are lame) i prefer the old one over the shippuden because it is more funny for me....

Bleach: wonderfull blade-clashing. the story was good at first because it is full of content but i must admit that i hated the fullbring arc

yu-gi-oh: the story somewhat is good... but the duels are excellent. me too i prefer yugi

fairy tail: i loved the story line because it has a lot of emotions and battles

Ok I posted here once before but Been a while soo I got new ones (sorta)..!!

1.Fairy tail- cause it's like freaking awesome I mean just watch it and you'll know..!! Grin

2.One piece- isn't it obvious hahaha...!! ;p

3.Dragon Ball Z- epic fight scenes,ultimate powers,and huge explosions haha..!! ;p

4.Soul Eater- a really great amine and funny too hah..!! Grin

5.beyblade G-revolution- haha the best season of beyblade ever with all the cool battles and stuff..!! Grin
1) Robotech. The Carl Macek masterpiece that somehow managed to stick together 3 completely unrelated anime series (Macross, Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) into 1 fairly compelling storyline of aliens, giant robots and love. This is the series that really got me hooked on anime when I was younger.

2) Ghost In The Shell. Section 9 saves Japan from all intrigue and nefarious enemies, both foreign and domestic, in this spy/police/suspense sees with loads of mecha in a cyberpunked post near-apocalyptic future. I was really bummed that this one ended as I thought they had a lot more to say.

3) Darker Than Black. Meteors strike the earth and hide the night sky behind a fake shell who's stars are the avatars of psychically gifted psychopaths called contractors, who each have some dramatic OCD-like "price" to pay for using their powers. The first season was dark, but the series really earned it's name in the 1.5 interstitial and Season 2 Gemini of the meteor. This is sic-fi gone to the extreme coupled with a somewhat nihilistic view of humanity.

4) Mnemosyne. Not suitable for fundamentalist viewers, this detective / avenging angel short series pairs an interesting immortality myth with a strong gender identity thread that puts forward a rather unconventional commentary on the relationship between men and women as well as the Eden mythos of a fall from grace. Lots of blood and creatures in this one.

5) Hikaru No Go. The story of Shindo Hikaru as he discovers the ghost of an ancient Go master (Sai) residing in his grandfather's Go board. I liked this one mainly because I play Go, and Hikaru's journey up the ranks of amateur Go to try and become a professional reminds me a lot of what we are doing here in the tournaments sponsored by the WBO! I strive for Shodan, but am currently ranked 5 kyu on KGS.
(Oct. 10, 2011  3:24 AM)Temporal Wrote: Do you watch Baka and Test subbed? The English dub kinda ruins a lot of the humor, since a lot of it is based on mispronunciations and pop culture in Japan.
I watch both, its just that its not that amusing compared to other animes.

I guess. Ah! Have you tried watching Hyakko or Toradora? They're funny compared to Baka Test.
these are just my top 5 favourite
simple anime that i like
4.Final Fantasy
5.D. Gray-Man
Go iron man anime! Generator Rex is cool too. Naruto is too 'the point'.I like Gundam fights only:3 . Oh yeah. I didn't mind D-Grey man. Innocence ,activate! I can't really say much about beyblade.
Why the heck isn't anyone watching REAL anime! (So I think at least.)
I'm talking about 1990's anime with intense blood! I'm not counting HOTD. It's just wierd.
(Oct. 17, 2011  8:40 AM)powerangeryan Wrote: Go iron man anime! Generator Rex is cool too. Naruto is too 'the point'.I like Gundam fights only:3 . Oh yeah. I didn't mind D-Grey man. Innocence ,activate! I can't really say much about beyblade.
Yeah Gundam is pretty passive emotion wise. 00 had an amazing plot and action sequences.

My favorite are (no particular order)
1.Bleach(This anime was made for me swords, powers, hollows, arrancars, hot chicks, just EPICNESS)
2.Naruto(Naruto is awesome too,naruto is awesome with his 9 tailed fox and the other jinchuriki, rasengan,great art just EPIC)
3.Beyblade(Tops that have incredible beasts and powers, sounds boring but is AWESOME,I like the Metal saga)
4.Pokemon(Little creatures battling each other just EPIC)
5.Kekkaishi(Instead of fighting, using magic it's just more different than most animes it's COOL)
#1 One Piece
I love the story of it and I love comedies and action so this is perfect!

#2 Ao No Exorcist
This anime is not widely known however it has lots of action and a good storyline Smile

#3 Bobobo
This anime is completely RANDOM, its so funny Joyful_2

#4 Rouronin Kenshin
Swords, Guns, Mafia, Awesome fights, EPIC

#5 Naruto
NINJAS! so awesome i love the storyline too!

(Oct. 17, 2011  7:52 PM)Hakumen Wrote: Why the heck isn't anyone watching REAL anime! (So I think at least.)
I'm talking about 1990's anime with intense blood! I'm not counting HOTD. It's just wierd.

Eh? Well, I like Princess Mononoke, but not all good anime must have blood. That's a closed-minded way to see things. Like The World God Only Knows. That's epic, and there's not one drop of blood. Only the threat of it. (Poor Keima Katsuragi) And TMoHS. Only one major fight. Still an anime legend.
The REAL top five animes are:
1.) Hitman Reborn- This show is basically about mafia's with rings that produces flame. I like this show because it has a very good balance of humor and action. Also has awesome and fearsome characters.

2.) DragonballZ- The whole reason I started watching anime when I was little(At that time I thought every other anime was like that . This anime needs to be in the top 5 because this show has the strongest characters in anime history. Their toy line is also great.

3.) Cowboy Bebop- I've watched Cowboy Bebop over 10 ten times already(yeah, it's that good) and the plot is genius. Let's just say it's a good show with a pretty screwed up ending.......

4.) Prince of Tennis- The name might not be too appealing, but from the moment I watched the first episode, it was simply amazing. It's the reason kind of why I quit basketball to play tennis.

5.) Yu-Yu Hakusho- Interesting is the only thing I can say. I mean spirit energy shot from out your finger is awesome.

PS: No character can bite Hibari(A character from Hitman Reborn) to death.
Okay, we all respect your choices, but don't go acting like your preferences are any more important than anyone else's. Frankly, if that were allowed, I'd point out that every last one of those were relatively mainstream. Again, don't be overly prideful. This goes for everyone, including me.
My top 5 anime are:
1-Soul Eater- I like it when Soul or any other weapon transforms and when they use soul resonance they gain lots of power!

2-Inuyasha- I like Inuyasha because when he uses his Wind Scar and Adamant Barrage he and the attacks look awesome.

3-Bleach- Same reason as Inuyasha but instead of being Wind Scar it's Getsuga Tenshou.
I also like these three because I always liked swords, demons, fighting and also adventure.

In pokémon them evolve into bigger and stronger creatures,the legendary pokémon are also cool.

In digimon, when they have to destroy a stronger digimon than themselves they digivolve. The digivolvution is cool because of the animation and sometimes them even mix digimon to make one hell of a digimon.

I like them because the fighting style and the fights themselves are awesome(pokémon and digimon)
Here are mine
1. Keroro Gunso
Just, plain funny.
2. Mobile Suit Gundam
I like building plastic models, and this is one of the ONLY animes that I have bought the dvds.
3. Gunpla Builders Beginning G
I know that this is in the same series of Mobile Suit Gundam, but it's so dang cool! XD
4. Beyblade G Revolution
V Force was kinda meh, this one is pretty cool, the animation is good too.
5. FullMetal Alchemist
Nuff said.
My top 5:
Death Note- Just amazing idea of a killer book, and great characters.

Fairy Tail - Reminds me of a ONE PIECE/RAVE MASTER mix, just love it!

Code Geass(Both Seasons)- Really intense gripping story, with really likeable characters, like Deathnote, just with a better story

Soul Eater- Fun anime with hilarious characters, and an amasing story

Gurren Lagann- Funny and intense griping story.


1. D.Gray-Man
Alenns Crown CLown form is awesome!!!
2. Bleach
BANKAI !!!!!!
3. Death Note
I'll take a potato chip....and eat it !!!!
4. Full Metal Alchemeist
Just Amazing...........
5. Gundam
I remember watching this as a kid!!!!
1) Death Note AWESOME!!!!!!
I am justice!!! BANG!!
2) Doubt AWESOME!!!!
3) Deadman Wonderland NICE
4) Full Metal Alchemist NICE
5) Naruto NICE
(Feb. 04, 2012  9:19 PM)galaxyunicorn Wrote: 1) Death Note AWESOME!!!!!!
I am justice!!! BANG!!
2) Doubt AWESOME!!!!
3) Deadman Wonderland NICE
4) Full Metal Alchemist NICE
5) Naruto NICE

im sorry, but i dont think "NICE" and "AWESOME" is enough of an explination, please elaborate more, thanks Smile
1. Dragon Ball (Z) love the characters and all the super saiyans, it's just awesome
2. Beyblade got me sucked into the whole world of Beyblade, the first anime i ever watched
3. One Piece, loved the plot and the comedy
4. Yu-Gi-Oh (original only), used to love it as a kid, the new ones aren't great but still a great anime
5. Naruto, just started watching it and it's not bad, starting to get sucked in
1)Death Note
I like the story line it's like a puzzle
I only read the first manga but I like it very much, it's like a puzzle you need to find the wolf
3) Deadman Wonderland
It's just cool fighting each other with only one weapon, blood
4) Full Metal Alchemist
I like the storyline
5) Naruto
I like the storyline and the fights, but it's mostly the same
I don't know if this is exactly ANIME, but:
1. Nyan Cat (The pop tart cat)
2. Leek Spin (The somewhat freaky girl who is constantly spinning a stalk of leek, better known as Loituma Girl) shown below
Those are memes, not anime. The Loituma Girl isn't freaky, it's just a clip from Bleach episode 2 after one of the main characters (Orihime) who was doing grocery shopping was almost hit by a car. In showing she was fine, she started laughing and spinning one of the leeks she bought.