Top Tier Battle Results

Hey guys! So my father and I did some competitive beyblade testing on some of my combos Vs today's competitive combos!

Battle #1 MSF Pheonic Wyvang SA165LRF (My combo) VS MSF-H Genbull Dragoon BD145RDF

Round 1 = MSF-H Genbull Dragoon BD145RDF

Round 2 = MSF-H Genbull Dragoon BD145RDF

Round 3 = MSF Pheonic Wyvang SA165LRF

Round 4 = MSF-H Genbull Dragoon BD145RDF

Score = 1-3 *Note
(This was a test round) If MSF-H Genbull Dragoon BD145RDF lands on MSF Pheonic Wyvang SA165LRF, then it may knock off MSF-H Genbull Dragoon BD145RDF out of the stadium immediately.

Battle #2

MF2-L Duo Cancer SA165EWD VS MSF Genball Dragoon BD145RDF

Round 1 = Tie

Round 2 = MF2-L Duo Cancer SA165EWD By 1/8 of a Rotation

Round 3 = MF2-L Duo Cancer SA165EWD By 1/2 of a Rotation (Ripped harder)

Round 4 = MF2-L Duo Cancer SA165EWD By 1/4 Rotation

Yup Duo dominated MSF Genball Dragoon BD145RDF alright! But can it defeat F230!?? That will be in the future when I get a good F230/ clean mine!

Battle #3

PHW Sagittario 90R2F VS Phantom Tempo 230TB

Round 1 = Phantom Tempo 230TB

Round 2 = Phantom Tempo 230TB (Non Slide shoot)

Round 3 = PHW Sagittario 90RF

Round 4 = Phantom Tempo 230TB
ESO! (Epic Stadium Out!)

Battle #4 Duo Cancer SA165EWD VS Girago Dragoon BGrin

Round 1 = Duo Cancer SA165EWD

Round 2 = Duo Cancer SA165EWD

Round 3 = Duo Cancer SA165EWD

Duo Takes it all! Thanks for looking at my thread! There may be future testing sometime soon! I hope I can make this thread useful for you bladers! Smile
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You need to do 20 rounds at least in order for tests to be legitimate. Also, is this just general testing? Because I believe there's already a thread for that.
Its a general test that I'm doing, if there is a thread I totally respect that, I just wanted to try some testing and post it on the WBO, making a new thread.
Some of these combos you posted are not top tier
Read the description on the top, I used some of my combos Versing today's top tier combos