Tier lists for MFB limited and Burst?

Hey I'm just getting back into beyblade again,

I don't know if this already exists, but are there tier lists for parts/combinations of MFB and Burst Beyblades?

I'm wondering what the best non-banned metal wheels are for MFB and what combinations or parts are the best for Burst beys
There is no limited Burst yet.

There is a limited MFB, though. I suggest using parts that fit a bey's purpose (Meteo L-drago for spin stealing, Thermal for attacking, etc.) All 4D metals are banned, Basalt, Hades, and Libra are banned, BD145 SA165 E230 and SP230 are banned. I use Flame Orion GB145 WB for a great balance (depending on how I launch it, it's movement changes. GB145 for increased stamina, and Flame for a great attack/stamina). Also, Zero G beys have their own listing.

Latest MFB Limited tier list seems to be on this page, and the latest for Burst is this pre-Cho-Z list here.

I definitely suggest you keep an eye on the winning combos thread for the latest findings. The first Cho-Z Beyblades start showing up on this page.

Anyone new to Burst, in my opinion, should be sure to get (if they're going Takara-Tomy):
  • Beyblade Standard Type Stadium (B-09, B-33, or one of the sets like B-107).
  • B-98 God Customize Set, which has a bunch of good parts in one box.  The WBO has a mostly accurate video here, but it was later found that Arc Bahamut is pretty interesting (read page here and wiki article here).
  • B-100 Spriggan Requiem 0 Zeta or some standalone LR launcher. (B-100 comes with one) The B-88 LR String Beylauncher is pretty popular. I'm not sure if B-112 Long Light Launcher LR is the same one in B-100 or not.