The best thing I have ever seen

So I was doing some battles in my epic rivals stadium. It was Genesis Valtryek vs Legend Spriggan (Left Spin).

The battle started of normal. Then V3 hit lS and knocked it of balance, and then went into god reboot and hit lS in the axe and lS burst.

I did a different battle between V3 and aB, and the same thing happened. 

I call this move Genesis Burster, after Z Burster.
I do a lot of great things with the Hasbro unite.
I barely use it now that I have Takara Tomy beys, but whenever I use it, it goes into attack every time the opponent goes in the ridge of the stadium and ends up missing the other bey barely.

One day it ended up hitting, and it broke a piece of my Ragnaruk R2 (not really a big piece, but like a little piece-not enough to make it be a huge difference-of plastic from the wing). Sadly, the one time I don't record is when the most epic things happen.