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The Strongest Beyblade!

Formerly Bunnii2165
MFB: #1,702 (1,012)

Post: #1

although, really, there is no best beyblade which combo or uncustomized beyblade is your strongest?

Mine is a mixture of a rock fusion wheel, pegasus hybrid wheel, pegasus face bolt, poison serpent spin track and performance tip!

"What is peace, if not an illusion of war?" - Bunnii2165
[Image: Bunnii2165.png]
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May 18 2011 07:24 AM
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Doom Knight
MFB: #1,092 (1,048)

Rose Gold Face Sea Dragon Face Face of Days II
Post: #2

We really don't need this.......

Money can't buy you happiness...
May 18 2011 07:29 AM
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Antique Face Rose Gold Face Libra Face
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There are other topics like this.

[Image: siggy3small.jpg]
May 18 2011 09:03 AM
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