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The HellBringers are a team that will raise all hell on our opponents. Since Hell is guarded by Kerbecs (Cerberus), the 3-headed guard dog of the Gates of Hell, each tournament/battle we use 3 different members to battle as representation of our team's theme of realm. More than 3 can join the team, but rounds would have different members. Like, for example: Remmy, Sarah, and Curt were in the last tournmanet, so Lisa, Allan, and Grace would be in the next tournament. But, and this is a warning to whoever joins: Like Death itself, The HellBringers are not always forgiving. Sometimes, if a member is to lose too many tournaments in low placing, they will be judged on whether to be kicked from the team or not. You'll usually be able to "cheat Death" by getting at least 3-4 chances. If you use 3 out of 4-5 in a row, you are gone. The HellBringers are a hard-core team. You may not join if you do not have any hell-like/demon-like original/custom combos or other combos that aren't listed as valid Non-Hell/Demon Combos. If you live far from Nevada, or out of the US, you may still join by finding the sub-team thread that represents your location. Too many absenses will result into kicking, but that will sometimes be a rare consequence. Discussions will be over the site through posting on this thread. Discussions of plans and strategies will be strictly discussed through a secret code each member is told.

To make the idea of having members worldwide work, The HellBringers team has a "branch system". The first members that join that are from different parts of the world are assigned as branch leaders. Like AlmightProdigy, for example. He was the first member to sign up from North Carolina, which makes him leader of other members in North Carolina, A.K.A: Leader of the NC Branch. This way, the team can still join in more tournaments than just 1 all at the same time.

The HellBringers don't just take in anyone who wants to be in. You have to:

-----> Have a deathly will to crush the opponents, and leave them with no mercy.
-----> Own a hell-like/demon-like combo with the a demonic ring and/or wheel (or one of the acceptional combos listed).
-----> Have to have at least come in 2nd place in some actual/neighborhood tournaments (actual tournaments highly prefered).

These are the new bey/skill requirements:

Post any questions you have on this thread.

Here is the application if you wish to join the HellBringers. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE FILLED OUT AND SENT TO ME THROUGH PM ONLY!


Members So Far
beycrafter01 (Team Leader + Leader of Nevada/California HellBringers)
-POSITION OPEN- (Leader of Georgia HellBringers)
-CO-POSITION OPEN- + hades master/beybladeralex3 (Leaders of Connecticut HellBringers)
-POSITION OPEN- (Leader of North Carolina HellBringers)
-POSITION OPEN- (Leader of Puerto Rico HellBringers)

Acceptional Non-Hell/Demon Combos
Basalt Aquario 230MB
Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Rush
Flame Leone 230MB
Samurai Pegasis W105R2F
Bandid Genbull F230TB

Elite Groups
Dragon Spirits
Shogun Spirits

(If you have questions about your non-hell/demon combo, send me a PM of its performance status and the supplies and opposing beys you used)

Branch Threads So Far

There will be updated branch threads soon.

Allianced Teams So Far
Las Vegas, Nevada: Team Elemental Blitzs (Team Leader - Team Shadow)
West Michigan: Team Grand Destiny (Team Leader - Coach)
Melbourne, Australia: The Immortals (Team Leader - Giraton)
Bangalore, India: Team Bey Nightmares-Elite Beyblade Team (Team Leader: Bash!)
New Hampshire: Team Salamandar (Team Leader: Anchor)
Chicago, IL: The Renegades (Team Leader: ΩµτήµшБεгεđ and scout25)
New Jersey/New York: Team Flash Bang (Team Leader: bj3rdd)
Ontario, Canada: Team Ancient Knights (Team Leader: LMAO)
California: Team Luppa (Team Leader: aurawolf)
Team Burnout (Team Leader: Girago)
Error Post
dude you know me i dont own kerbecs and i know you said you have to but my power in my beys will wipe out a kerbecs no offense but i am a boss
You don't need a kerbecs to be an ally team of The Kerbecians, just an official member of the team.
Error Post
should i make a thread on my branch of the team? or just tell you the name of members i get so you add them to this thread?
yay! my post no.100
You can go ahead and make a thread for the Puerto Rico branch. Title it: "Puerto Rico Kerbecians"
Should I go ahead and make one for North Carolina, then?
Yes. Title it: "North Carolina Kerbecians" (or "NC Kerbecians")
Super competitive, yet teamless bladers,

There has been an agreement between the acception of allowing the use of some non-kerbecian beyblade combos, and letting those who wish to be a Kerbecian, but don't have a kerbecian combo join if they have at least one of these combo:

Acceptional Non-Kerbecian Combos

Twisted Pegasus SW145MB
Basalt Aquario 230MB
Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Absorb

I know "Twisted" and "Basalt" are the same wheel, but "twisted pegasus" sounds better than "basalt pegasus", and "basalt aquario" sounds better than "twisted aquario". Well, they sound better that way to me, at least. Other non-kerbecian combos will be tested to see how powerful and stable they are, and those that are graded "A+" to "A+++" will be added to the list of acceptionals. NOTE: THERE WILL ONLY BE 5 TOTAL ACCEPTIONAL COMBOS!!
My Team Branch has some Non-Kerbecian combos that highly outclass all of the Acceptional Non-Kerbecian Combos, however they all have a required Kerbecs or hell combo, a member came up with the idea of using a Kerbecs face on their Non-Kerbecian Combo, so that Without using hell or Kerbecs , the owner would still be recognized as a Kerbecian.
it would be good idea to allow Kerbecians to use top-tier combos, but with a rule to use a Kerbecs face, or a kerbecs sticker...

i am sorry, but there won't be any acceptions made for a combo being considered a kerbecian combo just because the face is Kerbecs. The type of face does not really matter, but the bolt itself is more important than its detail/origin. Combos will only be seen as kerbecian combos if they have a Hell fusion wheel and/or Kerbecs energy ring. The combos your friend gave you can still be suggested as combos to be added in the list of acceptional non-kerbecian beys, though.
We are now a Alliance with this Team.beycrafter01 please add Elite Beyblade Team to our Team name.
so i can make a thread for my branch too then
Yes, alex. Title it: "Connecticut Kerbecians". I have made one for Nevada and California residents who desire to be in the NV/CA Kerbecian branch team.
------------------------------------------------------ATTENTION BLADERS------------------------------------------------------

The Connecticut Kerbecian branch team will be competing in New York during 8/4/12 and 8/5/12. Any Connecticut residents who wish to join the Connecticut Kerbecians, or any New York residents that wish to join The Kerbecians and start up the New York branch, or alliance with The Kerbecians to back up the Connecticut representitives of The Kerbecians, feel free to. Though, the Connecticut representitves are having some troubles with travel payment, so if anyone's generous enough to donate to help the Connecticut branch make it to "The Big Apple", send them to:

60 Pacific St.
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Let's hope the Gates will unleash their power, and guide them to VICTORY!!!
I want to join. I live in Nevada and have a good kerbecs combo. I actually know beycrafter01 sort of. My family and his family are good friends.
beycrafter01 is banned from the WBO. I'm not sure if you will be able to join the team since the leader's gone. Sorry 'bout that. :\
beycrafter01 has told me of his banning and instructed me to keep up his team business, me being his only outer contact from the wbo. any questions can be directed to me and i wil pass them on to him
Oh, alright then. Never mind my other post then.
In promise to beycrafter01, he has decided to put The Kerbecians main thread under new management while he is banned. I, as his outer contact to the WBO, and The Prodigy will be watching over and editting info on this team's main thread. Any questions you have for Prodigy, beycrafter01, or me, post on here or send us a PM. Questions for beycrafter01 must be sent through me if sent through a PM.

Also, there has been some changes to the acceptional non-kerbecian combos list:

Acceptional Non-Kerbecian Combos
-LDrago Guardian SW145WD (Absorption Mode Only)
-Earth Tempo S130WD
-Twisted Pegasus SW145MB
-Basalt Aquario 230MB
-Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Absorb
Same IP address as another banned user, again.

Hello, WBO. As part of my return, The Kerbecians International BeyTeam has reopened. There will be updates in the OP within time, and unneeded posts from when I was banned will be removed to make space. Anything that's posted from this point is updated. Posts behind this one (except the OP of course) are old news.
You were banned. How did you get unbanned?