The Fresh Princes of Beyl-Air

(Jan. 30, 2009  7:20 PM)ZAK Wrote: where is shinjuku??????


Anyway, nice lyrics man! Hope you guys record this!
(Jan. 30, 2009  7:20 PM)ZAK Wrote: where is shinjuku??????


ok that part wasn't true

I had forgotten about this. Definitely needs to be recorded.
(Jan. 29, 2009  9:59 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: Well, obviously Ichida was a little jerk who was so obese he got sciatica and had to drive around in a scooter.

There was a Beyblade anime panel that we went to. The girl was a total weaboo and yet had no idea what she was talking about. I kept having to correct her and it didn't seem anyone there knew anything about Beyblade. Anyway, while she was talking, Spinster, sitting on the other side of the room, shouted "TAMER BRAD, IS THAT YOU!?" and shot up out of his site. Someone there working at the con was ready to call security. I shot up out of my seat and we ran into the aisle in between the chairs. Everyone looked really worried. Spinster and I pulled out our HMS grips and shot Beyblades onto the floor, shouting "IKEEEEEEEEEEEE!" My Beyblade stopped spinning first and I collapsed on the ground. We left shortly after, but I ran back in and screamed "BEYWIKI.COM FOREVER!!"

hahahah now i remeber the chick now ahahaha

pretty good guys
bump for greatness
Someone needs to record this.
Even though I've read it all before, it still made me laught out loud. Joyful_3
That was great, I love it.
maybe elliot and i should perform it at BWR
If there was a WBO Dub of Metal Fight Beyblade, this would be the OP.
why dont you try to add more events into it? maybe about kenny and brandonk?
It'd be too long then. And it would kinda kill it. And different song might work though.......if they make enough, they could realease an album. XD
If someone gets me the raw beats for Fresh Prince I'll record it. You have my word.
inb4 And My BOW/AXE/SWORD/etc.
(Jan. 30, 2009  3:11 AM)Khel Wrote: Now that is grade 'A' marketing!

True that! Lol
lol that was heaps good i was like singing the original song in my head while reading your ersion lol i used to love that show.
Are you still mad at Ichida? Chocked_2
I don't think it's a matter of being mad at Ichida, as being fed up with him.

This thread made my day.
(Apr. 14, 2009  5:36 AM)Deikailo Wrote: Are you still mad at Ichida? Chocked_2

not mad just dislike him
(Apr. 14, 2009  4:56 PM)Bey Brad Wrote:

not mad just dislike him

That thread is made all the more entertaining by the word filter.
I'm so down for performing and recording this at BWR
Haha, that would be epic.
(PS: Yay, Spinster! Your back, sort of. You never really went anywhere but now your here!)