The DragonBall/Z/Super/etc. thread

(Nov. 10, 2010  12:36 PM)momiji manju Wrote: My point is that it shouldn't really be counted as part of the Dragon Ball series, as it wasn't written by the creator of Dragon Ball and thus should be treated as a doujinshi, of sorts.

i.e, SSJ3 was originally "full power" <- again, off the top of my head, so feel free to correct me.

If we were to go off of what was written by the original creator, than this thread shouldn't really exist. Akira Toriyama didn't write DragonBall Z.
Wow, mind blown. Sorry hah.
(Nov. 11, 2010  12:38 PM)momiji manju Wrote: Wow, mind blown. Sorry hah.

Haha, actually, well, I kind of trolled you with that comment. Akira Toriyama didn't actually write a DragonBall Z. The entire run of his manga was known as DragonBall in Japan. The "Z" was added to the animated adaptation by animation studio Toei as an attempt to notify viewers of a change in story, style, and theme (the "Z" was later added to international editions of the manga as an attempt at cohesive marketing, but in Japan it's still just DragonBall). In Toei's adaptation, they ran into a problem they didn't have with the original animated series. As Toriyama would only crank out 12-14 page chapters a week, Toei often found it difficult to translate that into a 22 minute show without going ahead in the plot. So to remedy this, Toei would create original content to fill the gaps, called filler. Be it the 5 minute long charging sequences, various stare downs, or random shots to wildlife, to even completely original creations like the Garlic Jr. and Other World Tournaments, or personally my favourite, the Driver's License episode (where Goku and Piccolo attempt to get driver's licenses). With this Toei created content, the show took a slightly different tone. The pacing is completely off in the "Z" anime compared to the manga, as Z moves way too slow compared to the manga. This original content also led into some character alterations, Goku is protrayed much more as just being naive in the manga, where as the anime at times shows him as a dim witt. Chi-Chi also is considerably more stern in the anime than the manga. However, there weren't any radical alterations (well, except with Trunks, but I'll disregard that as the anime actually fleshes him out into a developed character, and that was eventually retconned into the manga).

See, this is where DragonBall Kai ("Z" added by Funimation in the west as an attempt to show people this isn't a new story, but a retelling of previous events) comes in. DragonBall Kai is Toei's attempt at fixing their mistake. They're cutting out most of that filler content, and as a result, the show has a great sense of pace to it that as most people know, is non-existant in Z. My major gripe with Kai is that instead of re-animating the entire series, Toei is just editing old Z episodes from the late 80's, and early 90's together. This creates some odd animation quality fluctuations as we might have two different animation directors from Z end up being in the same episode of Kai. There's also the fact that occasionally Toei will re-colour some scenes that were poorly done the first time around. As DragonBall Z was animated and coloured by hand on cells, it's incredibly jarring to jump from what was orignally a cell animated scene to a completey digital coloured in tracing of another one. The styles and colours clash violently, and it's not pretty. Kai also features some minor censorship without even having to bring in the North American broadcast versions.
Hah wow, thanks I guess I'm really out of touch. Thanks for the info.
go dragonball-z
but i like dragonball-z kai

That's right, a Dragonball reboot movie to make up for the carping ball of carp that was named Dragonball Evolution. It looks like they are using a 12 year old actor, let's hope it isn the kid who played Aang in the Last Airbender.(No I wasn't interested enough to actually look the kid up.)
Well I have my fingers crossed for that movie. I actually like dragon ball. Most people don't like dragon ball because of the lack of super saiyans and gigantic kamehameha waves. It's cool to see "our hero" growing up and learning about fighting and making friends, who he still has in dragon ball z.
(Dec. 29, 2010  10:37 AM)Thresher Wrote:

That's right, a Dragonball reboot movie to make up for the carping ball of carp that was named Dragonball Evolution. It looks like they are using a 12 year old actor, let's hope it isn the kid who played Aang in the Last Airbender.(No I wasn't interested enough to actually look the kid up.)

That article has a bunch of errors. A film who's budget was $30 million, and grossed $56 million isn't a "colossal box office failure", it made money, but wasn't a smash. Secondly, there's a reason why that IMDB page has the cast of actors from DBE on it. It was initially the page for Dragon Ball: Reborn, the stillborn sequel to Evolution. Thirdly, the article (and the IMDB page in question) claim that Paramount Pictures now have the rights to the franchise. We've heard nothing of Fox dropping the franchise, or Paramount buying it from Fox. When rights to something changes hands it usually makes news. Lastly, the actor the have as Goku is some kid who played a bit role in The Last Airbender. I'd imagine anyone doing a reboot for the franchise would want to stay away from that (as its critical reception was worse than Evolution's), and hire someone who has more experience. The kid also doesn't look like a Goku, he's very scrawny, and pale. Also, this reboot would be the fourth live action adaptation, after The Magic Begins, the South Korean movie, and Evolution.

Tl;dr Don't trust articles who's only source of information is IMDB. A website, that like Wikipedia, can be edited by anyone. In theory, I could cast myself as Goku, and no one can say it's wrong.
My friend loves dragonball z and loves the new series, dragoball af.
(Mar. 19, 2011  6:12 AM)glinny Wrote: My friend loves dragonball z and loves the new series, dragoball af.

How does your friend love something that doesn't exist?
yaaaaaaaa, i'm a DBZ faan to. I even have all the games and accessories that came out. YAAAAA!!!!!!!! DBZ ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago...I used to love DBZ alot!! But not now....
im a hardcore fan of dbz yaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
I also like DragonballZ and Dragonball. I hated DragonballGT, because of the way it looked and the soundtrack was terrible. DragonballZ Kai is okay, but they could show a little bit of blood.

Yes I know that there are kids who watch it.
I love this anime all the way dbz abridged is a holarious parody
Evil buu all the way! I love him when he absorbs gotenks and piccolo and gohan.
epic stuff.
I AM A DBZ FAN!!!!!!!!!
I THINK DBZ is the best anime created along with pokemon of course Smile
i like this show bit to much filler though and cyborg freiza is the best even though he has girly voice also originally the frezia saga was going to come last but they chaged it
I love Draon Ball. My favorite line is

Kami: You do not adress King Yemma with a yo.

my favorite scene is:

When Future Trunks Finds Future Gohans dead body and he goes Super Sayain while crying. ( Great AMV material)

I also love Krillen He dies so cooly

Fav characters are: Future Trunks Teen Gohan Krillin picciolo and anything Goten
i loved DBZ's first series......not DB that was just boring, i liked GT a lot as well but it got fairly repetitive after a while. I was a hardcore fan during DBZ's first series but then i just drifted away cause it got boring..... dont get me wrong its just my opinion
GT had the least repetition.
Dragon ball had the most
Yes, but Dragon Ball GT had the most plot holes.
(Mar. 27, 2011  5:01 PM)SSJfisherman Wrote: GT had the least repetition.
Dragon ball had the most

No, Z's the most repetitive. The entire series can be divided into three archs where the villains all have similar goals and intentions whom where all defeated in similar manners.
I got so angry when I found out in Dragon Ball GT that Goten and Trunks could only go Super Saiyan.
They were Super Saiyan at the age of 7 and 8 but when they grow up they aren't even SSJ2.
Hate the fact they weren't into become stronger when they became older I think it was when they were around 13 that they were into girls. That was the last episode of Dragon Ball Z.
I thought they would change in Dragon Ball GT.
But Trunks became president of Capsule Corp
and Goten was still into girls.
I so wished Goten would be another Goku when he grows up.