Teen Titans/ Teen Titans Go!

So does anybody else like these shows? Teen Titans was made in the Early 2000's and ended in 2005 or 2006. Teen Titans Go! is the newer series that aired recently. I believe the Titans look much different and it's not as much action. So discuss if you like these shows or what you think. My favorite character was Beast Boy or Robin.
I liked the old TT. From what I've seen in the new show, it looks like it sucks. (TMNT anyone?)
The new series is a disgrace. If they wanted to re-boot the series, they should have just done a new show that was like the old one.
OMG T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S TEEN TITANS...LETS GO! This used to be one of my favourite shows back in the day. The new version sucks. It's nothing compared to the old one. And the old ones theme song was just amazing!
The old series was the best, but the newer show isn't to bad. I mean I tried it. It's okay. Not as much action/adventure. So far I saw one about a sandwich and Cyborgs B-Day/Evil Pie lady.
I'd have to agree with all of you, the new series sucks. Not to mention, it's also inaccurate from the original series.
I used to love Teen Titans when I was little. But now its like they shrunk back to babies again. It would have been better if they continued the series or not doing anything at all. But this is just pathetic. I dont know how to deal with that.
I like both shows. I honestly think that TTG is way underrated. I've watched it, think it is very creative and funny, and encourage everyone to give it a chance. Avoid all the hate that has come just because of YJ's cancellation. And remember that this isn't supposed to be an action show. I doubt you will be disappointed.
It's amusing and I don't have anything against it but it's not teen titans. That said, I'm still looking for episode 3.
I haven't seen the new one, but from what I remember the old one was part of toonami (aimed towards teens, it was kind of dark) and I'm guessing the new one is daytime?
Oh wow. This used to be my favorite show when I was 5 and 6. Never knew they made a new one. I probably won't watch it though, as I assume I'll be quite bored.
I hate the animation, even though teen titans (the one that started in 2000) is old I still watch it and the new show is the worst thing ever!
dont like the new series, i enjoyed the teen titans shorts but this show is bleh
I loved the old Teen Titans show. Honestly, the new one is meant to be more of a comedy, and that's what I look at is as, not as a sequel to the older show. Its ok, but its really nothing compared to other things.
Well; I loved the first Titans and the new series is something but it isn't that great action wise. It seems it was made just for comedy and it may be made based on after the other since the Robin seems close to Starfire and even the voices to the characters sound the same as the old one. One thing though, why was Raven watching something that resembles MLP? She is suppose to be a dark person into creep and horrible stuff.
I saw it, and was sorta confused about Raven. But I guess that was meant to be ironic. Or a homage to "Pink Raven" from the episode in the original show when Beast Boy and Cyborg went inside Raven's head. That's how I saw it.
I'm so ashamed. I wanted to hide under a rock, and die.

The animation was just horrible. Good way to ruin 'our' childhood T.V show.
i like teen titans go its pretty funny its nice to see a parody of our favorite characters as goof off's but they minus well have continued the old series's that would have gotten better and ratings and ha raven likes my little pony
I was a huge fan of the original Teen Titans show with Slade being one of my favourite villain pretty much ever and needless to say I'm disappointed that their comeback doesn't follow the same format just as much as every other fan. However, we need to remain fair, here.

Teen Titans Go! is pretty okay.

I mean come on, it's pretty decent! The jokes are kinda funny (Even if sometimes hit and miss) the characters are still likeable and the voice acting is still excellent. And besides, with that kind of format, you just KNOW it's not gonna last very long, so let's just laugh while we can, eh?
(May. 13, 2013  9:34 PM)Zander Soulwind Wrote: even the voices to the characters sound the same as the old one.
They are the same. They got the old voice actors back.
Yeah I Do Remember Watching The Older Version Of TT For A While. The Newer Season Is A Waste Of Time D:
Red-X,Slade,BeastBoy,Robin they were all cool now they are a disgrace to cartoons and why are they trying to make everything cute now it sucks.
(May. 14, 2013  10:47 PM)dragonrage Wrote: MEe dont like the new show

Please elaborate. We can't understand you on the WBO.
Teen titans go Is super funny lol beast boy is my favorite character