Team bey flare

Looking for members 
1must be active 
2must have at least 3 beys
3must have 1 beyblade from each system 
4open To all
Hi Hyper Xeno I would like to join team Beyflare. Ardmore Bladers would like to join too. We met you at the Philly tournament in July.
-Common Pickle
Hello Hyper Xeno, I are interested in entering your team. I have every category and have tW and dF.P.At.
Ok the perfect time for Us to meet is at my first tournament I have gotten better and me and beygearshift7 are best friends now we see each other almost every week to practice

Send me the list of beys that you have

You my email me for any questions

My tournament will be next month

Now the team is now closed for participants if you want to join now then you have to pass the test
(Oct. 14, 2017  11:42 PM)Shadowking10 Wrote: I want in

Ok but you are on 2 team to start
Can I be the team the bay blade desiner?

I subscribed to youtube channel
(Oct. 15, 2017  4:12 AM)Shadowking10 Wrote: Hi
Our first team meet will be December 3rd, 2017 from 2pm-6pm at Glory Days Restaurant located at 3 Lee Airpark Dr
Edgewater, MD 21037

For more info or to confirm pm me.

Sorry for the late notice
Our first member beygearshift7 and air bey trainer will be attending
Let’s step up are game Ardmore bladers will practice with common pickle and I will pratice with beygearshift7

Send your practice times to me
Yes but the 2team
Starting today the team is now open to the world ?

Common Pickle you will lead the Philadelphia branch
Ardmore bladers you will be common pickles assistant

and beygearshift7 will be my assistant for Maryland
hey guys it is beyblademasterb i changed acounts
Hyper Xeno You Are Coming To The Tornement In Philadelphia Right?

I Have Beat Kukulcan
Spriggan Requim
Nightmare Longinus
Deep Chaos
Arc Bahamut
I have more but I can't write them all here lol

I got second place in the last Philadelphia Tournament
Right now I only have requiem Spriggan and nightmare Longinus but I have twin nemesis which is coming tomorrow and the god costomize set which I think got lost in the mail
I am making team t-shirts I need everyone’s sizes
Today I just ordered deep chaos loose
Hyper xeno do you have 7, cross and revolve, dK.7C.R is a almost unbeatable stamina type. K is in there because the kukulcan god chip is A class. ( Twin Nemesis is great too)

I am getting Twin Nemesis and I am also very good at MFB

Sorry about not making the meeting, we'll catch the next one. Bey on
hello guys,
my daughter played (under this handle) in the silver spring tournament this past weekend with some of you. she didn’t do as well as ardmore, but she ended up in 5th place. she loves beyblades and plays everyday. the reason i decided to find tournaments for her was mainly due to the fact that i can’t beat her in this game anymore!  she always wins at home!

 she will be playing in philly and back at silver spring after that.  she is too young to join a team (6yo), but if you see us please say hello :)

also these are her beyblades:
[Image: ygLO3yP.jpg]