Team Granite (England,London,Lewisham)

Welcome to T.G fellow bladers. This is a team for those who live in the above areas, are)dedicated to training, work hard and are willing and loyal to the team and are hungry for beyblade wins and trophies. I believe in teamwork, and I want people who will work together with their team mates. No swearing or explicit language, just chat about beyblade burst Grin . Maximum 5 people/6. Ages 9 to 13. Also, I want people who, walk the walk, not talk the talk. Actions speak louder than words . Show me how good a blader you are. Listen to me, my decision is final, but with that being said all of you should learn and feed of each other and give me suggestions and advice to help me if I am doing something  wrong I could improve on. We can never stop learning! And last of all, you should all have a massive smile on your faces when your playing. Having fun is the key to success Grin ! (Our team motto  Grin ) 

Application Form:
Being honest, how strong a blader are you?
Do you have previous experience with any other teams?
Is your style of play attacking, defensive, can you carry on for a long time and have good stamina or are you all three?
Last trick question Grin , we all love beyblade burst so in the series who is your fave character (Mine is Koji Grin)

Actually forget the Lewisham county, anywhere in London will be fine guys.
PS: I will tell you where the meet-ups and training sessions will be and all the smaller details once I've accepted you.
I also need a technician/engineer/computer whizz to help us fix our beys and research into our opponents eg: their tactics, who they are,how they play and their strengths and weaknesses.
Heh sounds interesting and a challenge for once

And that engineer il do it easy for ya
I am a strong blader.
I have no experience other teams
my style is making my bey do feints making the other bey weaker then I do a full attack
my fave is Shu Kurenai.
however i live in London

also, I have twisted tempo and longiuns Maximus