[Takara Tomy]  Best Z Achilles Combos (Testing)

Honestly I've found quite a few good Z Achilles, and i think that its still applicable in current meta (dang you Gachi I'm never gonna get to use Cho Z's in tournaments)
You can list your own best Achilles combos here but to start this off im gonna show you my trump card.

Layer - Z Achilles from Cho Z Triple booster Pack (no level chip)

Disc - 7, Red

Frame - Dagger for weight issues

and finally the Driver:


I know what your saying: "but Leonidas, wedge-s sucks!"

1. No, its probably the best balance driver to exist

2. Its an alternative for Octa as its pretty heavy - its like 15g

3. Tilt it while ripping and it can burst things like Drain Fafnir if done correctly

but this combo hasn't been tested thoroughly, So test it if you can and list your best combos M8ts!
Z Achilles 00U Xtreme Dash? I feel like it could be pretty good in theory as a burst/ko attacker
sadly, i cant test that as i dont have many cho z beys T^T
Try using Z Achilles 10 bump destroy/destroy’
(Mar. 21, 2019  8:50 PM)LeonidasKerbeus Wrote: sadly, i cant test that as i dont have many cho z beys T^T

Ah, Ok. How About Z Achilles 7/0 Cross Atomic/Orbit For Stationary Attack?
Ardmore Bladers - its very finiky, doesnt work all the time, too unbalanced

GreenK9148 - Self KO's itself everytime lol