Takafumi Adachi Q&A Thread

*Just a disclaimer here at the top, I am not directly linked nor associated with Takafumi Adachi, and am rather just a big fan of his who has collected a lot of information about him over time and would like to share that here for others to enjoy!

To begin, Takafumi Adachi is the writer/artist/mangaka behind the Metal Saga of Beyblade (AKA Metal Fusion, Metal Masters, Metal Fury). He has multiple social media which I have used to compile this answers, whether by observing him speaking or personally asking them myself. Most have been taken from his Youtube live streams, which he routinely does here starting at around 6 AM EST, for about 30-40 minutes playing PUB-G. 

Now, for some questions I'm sure will be frequently asked:

Q: Does Takafumi Adachi speak English?

A: Yes, he does! He has full conversations in English and whenever he struggles to understand something he always does his best to meet halfway in finding what you want to ask him!

Q: Can he bring MFB back?

A: No. He is binded by a contract which keeps him from making any independent new Beyblade content. He still does draw the characters and answer questions about his run of Beyblade, but he cannot bring it back.

Q: Is Ryuga dead?

A: Takafumi Adachi's original manga run and the anime adaptation share many differences, and one of those is in Ryuga's fate at the end of the series. So, while Ryuga does seem to pass in Metal Fury in the anime, Takafumi Adachi cannot answer any questions about the anime run, as he was a viewer just like us in what did and didn't translate from his work. 

(That last question is especially repetitive for him, so I recommend discussing it with other fans rather than asking him for any more info. He has made multiple videos trying to explain the manga to anime process to people so they will stop asking, but it does frequently pop up still.)

Q: Is there anything I should avoid doing in his livestreams?

A: Well, rather than anything you should totally avoid (besides the obvious in being rude and/or disrespectful), I have some tips that may help you understand why he didn't answer your question or to increase your odds of being answered. 

1. Try to get there early. He does try to answer questions throughout, but like all of us, once he's in the game it's hard to focus on anything else, and if by the end of the match he didn't answer he probably won't, as he usually only has time for the one then says goodbye.

2. Unless you understand Japanese, I recommend giving up once a Japanese speaker enters the comments, because he doesn't seem too comfortable switching between English and Japanese just yet, and will normally only speak Japanese once a Japanese commenter appears. And vice versa. If you comment first in English he will probably answer and often tailors his game commentary to English, as well.

Q: Does he have other socials?

A: Many! I will link the ones I can remember off the top of my head in this answer! He has an Instagram (exclusively for his pets, he will block if you talk about Beyblade there, his words, not personal experience), two Twitter accounts (one for Beyblade and the other as a personal account where he talks about V-Tubers and the such), another Youtube channel where he posts the occasional drawing video or advertises for new Beyblade merch in Japan, a Tumblr account which is no longer active (but has some archived questions), and a Patreon.

Though I mainly focused on his livestreams, I've seen him answer questions/comments on all of these over time, so feel free to try those, too!

Feel free to ask any other questions in this thread ranging from Beyblade or even some more personal things like favorite food or if he's married, new manga projects, etc, and I'll answer them with what he's told me before or backlog it for later! Will update this OP with more questions (and probably a spoiler) once I have more built up! I'll update sometimes with fun facts, too!

(Also, to any mods looking over this post (or WBO thread veterans), let me know if I messed up anything in making this thread, it's only my second one! Also, special thanks to @[Jinbee] for helping with feedback on this idea!)