TJ's Beyblade Elemental Burst desgins

Hey I am Troy Thornton Junior or fireblaze1, I have made many bey designs for my Elemental Warriors: Beyblade spin off series books & one for a burst bey series on that ones.
Here are the designs for the Dragoon series :

Dragoon Cyclone & Fantom Storm in the 1st Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series.

Dragoon Hurricane Victory & Dragoon Hurricane V2 in E.Ws / Elemental Warriors third season:,

Dragoon Tornado & Dragoon Galaxy Omega Turbo are in the E.Ws' fourth season:,

He are my custom made burst desgin of this bey, Dash Dragoon 6 Wing Heavy Accel Mange Grip & Hurricane Dragoon Magne Wing Xtreme Phantom Grip:,
I am fireblaze1 now because I was for a long time & now I was working on my work in a different name to continue my beyblade things.