Surely no one knows me because I registered a long time ago and only actively participated at the time when the "Spanish Forum" existed (now non-existent). But I could not miss this opportunity to share what I found, here there will still be those who knew the beyblades of the first generation, Plastics (here in Argentina we know them as "Bakuten").
Lovers of this generation always wonder why many of the models that appeared in the series had not officially come out, we know that some designs were too crazy... but there were feasible designs and still they did not come out. I ran into a local group of old school fans who are making that dream come true, they are taking out all the models that appeared in the series, they are made by 3d printing and they were also ingenious to create metal weight discs (stainless steel). Personally, i always dreamed of having Unicolyon and Tortoise Grenade.
What models did you dream of?

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