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This is a Search for Money website. You get any where from 1-100 SwagBucks randomly when you search. The more you search the more you win.


1. If you trade-in old games and such you get even more swagbucks!
2. You can replace google with this and get massive amounts of points.
3. The more people you invite the more swagbucks you get
4. They have awesome Prizes.

If you want to sign up click on the Banner below.

[Image: swagbucks-468x60Alt4.jpg]

For the Element Version click below

[Image: element-468x60.jpg]


This is a free for points site that you can get things like iPod touches by trading in points, which cost nothing. The site costs nothing, and points are easy to get.

ITs very easy to get points since you get 2 points signing in, 2 points for dailies and that's 4 points a day without referring people so it's pretty awesome

Stuff is cheap, like an 8gig iTouch is only 300 points! Wii, 300! With the points you get just on first login, you can buy stuff! The Xbox 360 I want is just 675.

This is a Invite only website guys so if you want to join please post your email adress here and I'll invite you as soon as possible.

Thanks guys!
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