Summer Smash Pokemon trading?

Will anybody attending the upcoming Summer Smash beyblade tournament be bringing their DS, along with copies of Platinum, Diamond, or Pearl? If possible, could anyone bring any of the GBA pokemon series as well, since they let you catch Pokemon not available to the game usually when inserted in to the GBA slot.
Well I'll be bringing my DS just because I always do but I dunno if I'll get around to playing on it. I'm not that into the newer Pokemon games but I guess this could me into them more.......I'll have Pearl cartridge, Diamond and Platinum roms and I can bring Fire Red if people want.....
Im always available to battle/trade over wifi. What exactly are you looking for?
Only things I really need are leaf green, and emerald for a few of the cartridge exclusive pokemon. I'll bring Diamond, fire red, and ruby. Also looking for a few of the diamond and pearl legendaries, really need shaymin and darkrai. I've got an unused Celebi and Jirachi for trade, along with the legendary dogs on Diamond (which are pretty hard to get.)
Got all the starters for breeding as well, if people need them.
Might be up for a few trades, depending on how long the tournament lasts.
I think I have a Darkrai, no idea whether it's legit or not, someone traded it to me and I've never looked at it.
What leaf green/emerald exclusives? I know I have a lot of magby/elekid (maybe some evos) sitting around.
Got all of elekid, and magbys evolutions, got a few electrizers spare as well if anyone needs them.
I'd have to get my game out, but I know I need Teddiursa and Ursaring, amongst others.
Think I need most of them though, but I can't trade over wifi.
My router uses a WEP code, not a WAP, so I can't connect my DS to it Tired
I'll bring my DS with sapphire(only one i got). I've got a rayquaza and kyogre on my sapphire if anyone wants them for something decent.
Not much use unless other people bring GBA's :\ Can't trade from GBA games using the DS, or from GBA to DS...
(Jun. 12, 2009  3:12 PM)Rocky Wrote: I think I have a Darkrai, no idea whether it's legit or not, someone traded it to me and I've never looked at it.
Details wouldn't match any of these, would they?
^ Lmao, remembered I traded it to a ROM so it's on the broken computer. *face palm* I'll check when it gets fixed, don't get your hopes up though. ^^;
>< Your computer really is a pain in the carp lol.