Stuff to trade for beys (HMS preferably)

i would like to trade some stuff for some beys.. as in title preferrably hms

well here goes: i got 6 bakugan and 17 bakugan cards and a yugioh deck its essentially a synchro deck with parts of zombie world deck and other cards...anyone interested? post here or pm me ill list the cards soon.

the bakugan stuff is mint condition...ive opened it all but i got it for xmas and was gonna play but never got round to opened but never used.

anyway heres wat i have:

1 Darkus 350G
3 Storm Skyress (Aquos 440G Ventus 500G Subterra 500G)
1 Pyrus 380G
1 Subterra 550G
17 cards, 9 of which gate cards

Gate Cards:
Low Energy (Pyrus+50G Aquos+60G Subterra+20G Haos+70G Darkus+50G Ventus+20G) Effect: None

G-Power Exchange (Pyrus+60G Aquos+30G Subterra+50G Haos+20G Darkus+20G Ventus+40G) Effect: The player with the higest printed g-power may not play ability cards during this battle

Limulus (Pyrus+50G Aquos+40G Subterra+90G Haos+100G Darkus+150G Ventus+60G) Effect: each limulus receives an additional g-power bonus from this card

Lockdown (Pyrus+110G Aquos+100G Subterra+80G Haos+70G Darkus+50G Ventus+40G) Effect: Double all g-power bonuses given by ability cards in this battle.

Haunted Night (Pyrus+110G Aquos+50G Subterra+50G Haos+90G Darkus+200G Ventus+170G)

Ravenoid (Pyrus+60G Aquos+150G Subterra+100G Haos+110G Darkus+50G Ventus+40G) Effect: Each ravenoid receives an additional g-power bonus from this card

Fire Pit (Pyrus+140G Aquos+120G Subterra+80G Haos+20G Darkus+20G Ventus+60G)

Tricky Gate (Pyrus+110G Aquos+80G Subterra+60G Haos+90G Darkus+120G Ventus+140G)

Ability Cards:
Circle Of Fire: (Pyrus+110G Aquos+0G Subterra+0G Haos+0G Darkus+0G Ventus+50G) Effect: Play during a battle on one of your gate cards. your bakugan gains g-power based on its attribute.

Shun's Throw: Play Before you roll look at one face down gate card in the arena.

G-Power Bonus: (Pyrus+0G Aquos+60G Subterra+0G Haos+0G Darkus+60G Ventus+60G) Effect: Play during a battle. your bakugan gains g-power based on its attribute.

Haos 2: Play at the start of a battle where you have a haos bakugan if your opponent's printed g-power is 160 or more than your bakugan's, move a gate card from your opponent's used pile to yours.

Marionette: Play before you roll an aquos bakugan. If there is only one bakugan standing and there are two gate cards in the arena move that bakugan to the other gate card.

Perfect Aim: Play before you roll a Ventus Bakugan. Put your bakugan on a gate card instead of rolling.

Attractor: Play after your opponent's bakugan is rolled and stands. Move that bakugan to the other gate card.

Special Boost: (Pyrus+100G Aquos+100G Subterra+110G Haos+90G Darkus+0G Ventus+90G) Effect: Play during a battle. If your bakugan as a special treatment and you don't have more gate cards in your used pile than your opponent. Your bakugan gains g-power based on its attribute.

Ventus 2: (Pyrus+0G Aquos+0G Subterra+0G Haos+0G Darkus+0G Ventus+50G) Effect: Play at the start of a battle where your have a ventus bakugan. swap the gate card with one from your opponent's used pile. your bakgan gains g-power based on its attribute.

Yu-Gi-Oh deck (5d's):
they all have effects but i cant list them cos it'll take forever
Monsters: Red Eyes B. Dragon ATK/2400 DEF/2000
|Chaos Command Magician ATK/2400 DEF/1900|
Elemental Hero Bladedge ATK/2600 DEF/1800
|Luster Dragon ATK/1900 DEF/1600 |
Neo The Magic Swordsman ATK/1700 DEF/1000
|Sonic Chick ATK/300 DEF/300
|Elemental Hero Alius ATK/1900 DEF/1300
|Patrician Of Darkness ATK/2000 DEF/1400
|Paladin Of The Cursed Dragon ATK/1900 DEF/1200
|Atlantean Pikeman ATK/1400 DEF/0
|Frequency Magician (Tuner) ATK/800 DEF/400
|Dark Blade ATK/1800 DEF/1500
|Copycat ATK/0 DEF/0 can copy attack and def of opponents card
|Twin-Headed Behemoth ATK/1500 DEF/1200
|Charcoal Inpachi ATK/100 DEF/2100
|Speed Warrior ATK/900 DEF/400
|UFO Turtle ATK/1400 DEF/1200
|Water Spirit (Tuner) ATK/400 DEF/1200
|Axe Raider ATK/1700 DEF/1150
|Junk Synchron (Tuner, needed for junk warrior) ATK/1300 DEF/500
|Renge, Gatekeeper of dark world ATK/100 DEF/2100
|Woodborg Inpachi ATK/500 DEF/2500
|Masked Dragon ATK/1400 DEF/1100
|Elemental Hero Avian ATK/1000 DEF/1000
|Malevolent Mech Goku-En ATK/2400 DEF/1400
|Magna Drago (Tuner) ATK/1400 DEF/600
|Exiled Force ATK/1000 DEF/1000
|Spiral Serpent ATK/2900 DEF/2900
|Mystic Tomato ATK/1400 DEF/1100
|Marauding Captain ATK/1200 DEF/400
|Tune Warrior (Tuner) ATK/1600 DEF/200
Junk Warrior ATK/2300 DEF/1300
|Gaia Knight Force Of Earth ATK/2600 DEF/800
|Colossal Fighter ATK/2800 DEF/1000.

Lightning Vortex x2,
Double Summon,
Synchro Boost,
Rush Recklessly,
Pot Of Avarice,
Spell Shattering Arrow,
Smashing Ground,
Monster Reincarnation,
Card Destruction,
Symbols Of Duty,
Mystik Wok,
The Warrior Returning Alive,
Synchro Blast Wave,
Ribbon Of Rebirth,
Synchronized Realm,
Big Bang Shot,
Premature Burial,
Giant Trunade.

Threatening Roar,
Draining Shield,
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow,
Spellbinding Circle,
Sakuretsu Armor x2,
Trap Hole,
Seven Tools Of The Bandit,
Dust Tornado,