Striker Axis || Parts Design Extravaganza!

Right now on Striker Axis, we're having a contest!

[Image: boosterandtipscompetiti.png]

We'd like to see what people would like to see in new Boosters and Tips, so we're having a design competition.

One lucky entrant from each contest will receive a prize supplied by MEGA themselves, while if your idea is really good, you might even see it end up in a future Battle Striker! So go on, you have nothing to lose!

You have until 24th April to enter, so get designing now!

We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!


We also want to announce the arrival of our cool Decal System:

[Image: S4.png]
[Image: Ninjitsu2.png][Image: Firehawk2.png]
[Image: Dragonfire2-1.png][Image: Sentinel2.png][Image: Raptor2.png][Image: Viking2.png]

What on earth could these be ... ?

Check it out!

Do you need to be a member of Striker Axis' site to enter?
Yes, you do.
But signing up only takes a minute or 2! Wink
(Mar. 28, 2010  4:37 AM)Beynval Wrote: Yes, you do.
But signing up only takes a minute or 2! Wink

RHYME! And thanks!
Come on guys start designing!
Dude, I would do this if I knew anything about Battle Strikers. Pinching_eyes I guess I could look into it and then see what I can think of from there.