Strange Dreams you've had

I also had one where me and my friends were going to a party and were walking to a hallway. all of my friend ran there but but i was walking there. also the halway had two passage ways right or left. all my friends wentt right as i walk there
i start tiring in the middle of the hallway then i hear a scream. stuff flies out of the right paassage , i begin to be so tired that im prone to the floor unable to move then something like an alien start running to me from the right were my friends were. i looked like ET exept his head was much more like a alien grey head, a black hole of an eye. as it gets closer i try to run but knowing im so weak i cant i just lay there as i comes closer it put both of those Et long fingers
the one that lights up from each hand and supreses them to each side of my forehead . it feelslike its penetrating my skin like a burning feelin .i could literly feel myself wining in my sleep trying to wake up then the dreams over i got shocked when i woke up
I had a dream that I was in a doctor's office and my leg was broken in two places!!! The Doctor told me to stop going to those two places?!?!
i had a dream i got beatup by a washing machine.. lol
I had a dream of vongola-hibari biting me to death Idk why though (no joke)
(Feb. 24, 2011  10:56 PM)MaStErDrAcIeL97 Wrote: I had a dream of vongola-hibari biting me to death Idk why though (no joke)

Maybe you disturbed the peace or attracted a crowd. That's only the reason I bite people to death.
I had a dream that my boyfriend's Dad challenged me to a beyblade battle.
That the world was made out of gold
I had a dream that I was ordered, against my will, to shoot and kill a bunch of people on a list. At the end of the list, my name was on it. But my contractors kept calling me a different name, like "Agent Theodore" something something. Even weirder was that I looked the same as I normally do, but I just had a name change. So I didn't say no, I went to find this person with my name. And I end up finding a guy who looked exactly like me, AND he had my name.

AND he said that he was also ordered to find me and kill me. Something about two sides of the same coin. Everything felt all Matrix-y, with slow-mo bullets and guns coming out from every pocket in our clothing. In the end, we had one gun, one bullet, put to our heads at each other. He said something like, "Do your best to wake up" or something, and I pulled the trigger. Then I woke up...with a splitting headache...
That makes my dreams look like childs play.

I have yet to have a awesome dream. I've always wanted to have a action packed dream with bullets flying everywhere, high speed car chases, and all that shizz. Yet I have dreams where I slip and slid down a frozen driveway way while trying to throw something away.

What's wrong with me?
I've had a strange dream of being part of an anime... Apparently I was helping Goku beat Majin Boo Chocked_2
I had a dream that Hasbro released a NEW GEMIOS and the clear wheel was a cross between virgo and Gemios and it weighed over 4 grams. I then used it in a defence combo : MF-H Eath Gemios R145RS. And if you think that's weird then my others are just to crazy.
i had a dream that a shark challenged me to a beybattle and when i launched my bey broke into heaps of pieces than the shark ate me Confused
I had a dream that I was talking to Victoria Justice (actor) on facebook (I really did anyway) and I told here to come to Australia. She did. I told us to meet us at Luna park. We met. We suddenly became best friends. On a ride that I was fearless on she randomly kissed my and I blushed than woke up.
Anyone play Minecraft?

Back when I used to play on an old server I started Minecraft in, I dreamt that I was playing on Minecraft. For some reason, the sky was red, and the oceans were lava, and the trees were on fire. Also, mountains had falls of lava.

I found the server admin, whatanerd, and typed, "What happened? Is this an event?"

He replied, "It's the end of the world, so I wanted the server to mimic it. Also, don't open your doors." Then I heard a bunch of moaning and groaning by zombies, hissing of spiders, and clatterings of Skeletons as my door was shaking. And fireballs were raining down from the sky outside my window. Then the admin said, "They can't open doors or windows. That said, you're stuck in your room until you somehow die. Have fun."

Then I woke up...and I lost the urge to play Minecraft that day...
i had a dream i got my flashleopard that really was just a dream.

i had a strange dream that i went back to school but its been so long i couldnt remember what class i had next........forever i will have dreams of going back to school for the rest of my life LOL.
I had 2 scary nightmares
1st is the most scariest to me
I was riding my bike around the country and it starts to storm. I find this old decaying house not unit or apartment house. I went inside, I saw a staircase which was weird because the house was not 2 story. I went up the stairs but it kept on going. I tried to go back down but it was hopeless. I was stuck in a dark scary staircase forever.

I went to the country on my bike and found a decaying house. I go inside absolutely no furniture. everything was closed, and it was night time. I go upstairs, then back down everything is there. Old sofas, old television, old furniture. And everything was open.

Scary for me huh?
No offence to anyone with an arabic background here, especially since I'm arabic myself but I found myself parachuting at a resort where the winds were unaturally strong. They'd occur in time increments so when you'd have nearly touched the water, you shoot back up again. There were two options for the ride, sail along the winds or drop down and back up. The parachute was pretty much a boat with multiple people on it. I had been riding on it before, and then this wog lady comes up with her child, about 18 months or so. She chose to take the route sailing along thw winds. I got really pissed and started swearing at her, when she said to her child magnoon. (crazy) I screamed at her yelling i can speak arabic to you know, ***** woman! Then, my thumb drive(?) flew out of my pocket, since I was pushing it faster because I was already mad enough. Then she threw $50 at me to hut me up. I nearly caught it, but the winds were to strong. then she threw another $25 at me. I caught it but still went crazy at her when we got off. I beat the child to death and murdered her.

All a dream.
one day in my dream i saw many children in my school have pegasus ony but but i was the only one who had a diffrent type of bey( dark wolf) and a takara tommy bey stadium and it for rent for 3.
Ok this isn't 1 of my dreams it was my brothers but it doesn't get any stranger.
He said in his dream he was in a jungle & he was a capsicum & that he was running away from a giant, capsicum eating, hairy watermeleon Chocked_2. As he was running he found a banana & together they ran away from the watermeleon. The Banana tripped & the watermeleon ate the banana Gasp. Then his dream ended.
(this is not some joke, my brother actually said this)
My strange dream was getting bitten by a vampire,getting ripped up by werewolfs,and getting jailed by mermen 0_o
i had a dream i was coming back from my pops house in the car and there was an invisible person and he opened my door while moving and threw me out of the car.
it was weird!
Most of the time I get dreams like this.

About a Month Ago I dreamt about some Dinosaur coming and Ripping my sis's Head off.She still was alive though and could still talk.Her blood looked like Blue like Electrcity Wires and the dinosaur appeared in the my Front Lawn and my House was not Having any roof.Strange isn't it.
Well, to me, these are the best dreams, but my friend just give me this look: Chocked
So, i have dreams that I'm like goku. I get in a fight a school, totally not my fault. I didn't go there to fight, and heck, I don't even intend to fight. So the person throws a kick, and I catch his ankle. Then I simply put his leg down, but he comes back again. Then a crowd comes, and I warn the person that I don't want to fight, and if he does, he'll be embarrassed. But he keeps going. So I dodge each of his punches easily. He pulls out a weapon(usually knife), and tries to attack me with it. It grab it like tien does when he battles general tao. No more weapon. Then I do a super speed dash towards him, and a knee to his stomach.
He goes flying far.

Then I wake up.

Pretty common dream I have, ahah. Smile
I once had a dream that i was sleeping, all of a sudden i wake up and everyone was surrounding me and they were dazy like id been hit in the head. they were whispering to each other. then i drop back at my house. People are there ive never met but know my name. i go outside and find my yard is an island. i go back inside and those people get scared, i walk into the room and a TV set rise from the coffee table and speaks to us directly. The old guy in the tv said we'd all die. Then a Tall built man walked in the door knife in hand. i slug him with a chair over and over. wires were split on his foot, he was a robot. Then my grandma, granpa and my sister all yelped a boat outside carried them away. I walk back inside the house and everyone gone...... then i woke up.
Mine was I kissed my girlfriend and it felt like i got punched in the face for some reason O.o and then a werid alien appeared and started hitting me O.o ANY EXPLINATION???