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Star Wars!
I've watched very little though ... Unhappy
Happy May The 4th!! Also the new Trailer for Kenobi has come out.
Obi Wan Kenobi comes out this friday, i'm so excited and i really hope it delivers, However Still can't get over the Grand Inquisitors appearance, it still just looks off. I'm also just not a fan of the new Inquisitor either, i would've liked to see Live-Action Seventh Sister in the place of Reva that way the Fifth Brother doesn't feel out of place, if you've seen Rebels then you'd know that Fifth Brother is usually never seen without the Seventh Sister by his side, i just don't see why they didn't include her either.

Speaking of Rebels, Ezra and Kanan's sacrifices still hits hard.
Bringing back this thread to pitch some ideas for a potential Star Wars "What If?" (Nothing has been said about one but still, these are some ideas)

What If Luke Skywalker actually ended up joining the Imperial Academy instead of the Rebel Alliance
What If Obi-Wan hadn't left Anakin behind on Mustafar
What If Order 66 failed and Palpatine had been stopped sooner
What If Anakin was never found
What If Qui-Gon Jinn survived The Phantom Menace
What If Anakin was actually granted the rank of Master
What If Ezra Bridger was never found by the Ghost Crew and became a Jedi
What If Darth Vader never died and lived on after the defeat of the Emperor and destruction of the Death Star II
What If Rey never met BB-8 and left Jakku