Stamina Custom

No, WD145 weighs more.
that doesnt make a difference giga, because all the weight is in the centre
Yes, it does. Defence blades have to weight more :\
yes they do, but that wasn't the point i was trying to make, i was saying that lower blades are harder to knock off balance, and the weight of the track is hardly goin to make a big enough difference
WD 145 weighs only one gram less than Metal Face.
but in comparison to a 105 or the wheel, it's difference in weight is small
Every little helps. Really. 3g is a large weight difference between 105 and WD145.
to an extent, but with this blade i think not, it has the weight from it's other parts to clarify itself as a defense blade, so taking such a small amount of weight away really does nothing to the blade, and remember, a defense blade has to withstand attacks on all levels, not just maintaining spin with minimum movement, but also keeping balance
Actually it just has to maintain spinning with no movement. Stop arguing.
Im not arguing with u giga, im trying to get you to understand something
But your reasoning is flawed. I need some coffee.
WD145 is pretty much a staple defence track. This blade does match against attack on all sides. I will try the attack custom with a 100 track but i cant exactly see much difference.
D125 is usually used over WD145 for defense customs though. Isn't Libra D125WB the defense staple?
No. WD 145 is better for Defence.
I wouldnt use WD 145 personally. I dont see it as a staple either. D125 would be superior for a defensive combo to me.
(May. 17, 2009  12:39 PM)Giga Wrote: No. WD 145 is better for Defence.

I used to think that WD145 was better for defense too but then it was determined that D125 might be better; 1) It had a lower track, 2) It didn't go off balance easily. irc, WD145 didn't provide much of an advantage as a defensive track compared to D125
It really depends on the situation and personal preference. I personally like D125 better, seeing as it's shorter. However there are situations where WD145 would have an advantage.
Ask anubis, if pretty much owns with defensive customs anyway. It doesnt really bother me either way.
Both D125 and WD145 are acceptable choices for Defense customs. You gain an lose attributes depending on which one you choose; like Khel said, it depends on the situation and personal preference.